Increase Your Traffic With AMP-Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (by John Gumas)

Increase Your Traffic With Google Accelerated Mobile Pages

The average person expects a website to load in two seconds or less. Two out of every five people will abandon a website that takes longer than three seconds to load. Time is money – and if your website takes too long to load, it’s money you’ll be missing out on.

A fast-loading website is critical to the success of any business that strives to market or sell using its website. When mobile websites first emerged, they were a faster, sleeker alternative to desktop sites. However, as Internet speed has grown and as the mobile audience has increased, many mobile sites are now plagued by the same problems as regular websites. An abundance of ads, pop-up windows and videos have dragged mobile Web browsing to a crawl. Worse, bad ads that redirect users to malicious sites is a problem that’s only getting worse.

Google has stepped into the fray, throwing a life ring to websites that are willing to streamline their mobile site. The end result is AMP – Accelerated Mobile Pages.


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The ProfiTAP Team! An LMTV special!

Introducing the ProfiTAP "Visibility" Team on LMTV!


This LMTV session will introduce the ProfiTAP Team of awesome technologist and go over their long 33+ year technology history and their path for the future.

We will meet their top technologists responsible for directing their new and innovative product road map.

From their revolutionary and exclusive ProfiShark USB TAPs -up to 10G- to their Long Term affordable Traffic Capture system and other unique visibility solutions.

We will talk to Laurent Schirck - Chief Technology Officer and Geoffrey Kempenich - Managing Director and get their perspective on what makes ProfiTAP a top visibility and access company.

"It all starts with Visibility!"

Check out awesome new videos on ProfiTAP TAPs and essential technical comparisons!

  1. Measuring Device Latency with the ProfiShark
  2. ProfiShark Long-Term Traffic Capture solution - Economical full bandwidth solution!
  3. TAP Fail-over Time Comparison- Ignored but VERY important - All three by: Mike Pennacchi

Profishark Performance Testing - by:Tony Fortunato



A real business need for network traffic analysis: File activity monitoring (by Darragh Delaney)

A real business need for network traffic analysis: File activity monitoring

For many people network traffic analysis is seen as a troubleshooting tool, something for the packet experts who spend their time in Wireshark. However, network packets are an excellent source of user and application metadata.

Metadata can be defined as the human readable portions of the network packets. Filenames, web domains, SQL queries, and IP addresses are examples. While you can extract this metadata using tools like Wireshark, it can be a struggle if you are aiming to capture traffic just by packets.


Server Messaging block (SMB) and Network File System (NFS) are two most popular protocols for accessing files and folders on network shares. SMB is typically used on networks with Windows clients and NFS is typically used by non-Windows operating systems, such as Linux. While SMB can support encryption, most implementations are not configured to use this.

Are log files enough?

It is possible to enable file activity auditing on a Windows fileserver. However, you must specify what folders to monitor and it will generate thousands of events and so is not scaleable.  The data from these logs could be fed into a SIEM. SIEMs also have limitations, starting with the fact they are only as good as the log events being fed. If the log records are incomplete or someone disables logging, then you lose your audit trail.

A common issue I come across is systems such as NAS servers do not have native logging options. They are designed to serve up large quantities of files and folders securely. Auditing and logging can slow these systems down which means most will not have auditing capabilities.

Log files will also miss security type information such as clients using SMBv1 or the ability to generate an alert if a client suddenly started to rename large numbers of files. This can be the sign of Ransomware activity.

Capturing SMB or NFS metadata from network traffic


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Beware the Lizard (by Paul W. Smith)

Geico Lizard with Brain

 "I’ve experienced many terrible things in my life, a few of which actually happened."

– Mark Twain

A man driving his luxury car late at night becomes lost and slowly realizes that he is in a very bad part of town.  When his car breaks down, the tension mounts.  He is approached by a group of gang members, one of whom is brandishing a handgun.  The tow truck he has called arrives, but as its driver confronts the gunman, the outcome is unclear. 

This is the opening scene from the 1991 film “Grand Canyon.”  It sticks in my mind more than a quarter century later because of the artful way it resonates with the wide-ranging fears that engulf us.  Some of those cause the all-too-familiar knot in the stomach, while others we hardly notice.

If you’ve ever wondered why you’re afraid of so many things, don’t panic.  We are all hard-wired for fear courtesy of a small portion of the brain known as the amygdala.  Scientists blame this chunk of grey-matter for emotional responses like fear, anxiety and aggression.  If you are a caveman who fears a rustle in the bushes that could be a sabretooth tiger, this is a good thing.  When you are an office worker afraid to open an urgent email from your boss, not so much.

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