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LMTV LIVE | Introducing Cubro the Network Visibility Company


Cubro_170x200Who is Cubro and WHY should every Network Technologist want to know?

Todays complex network technologists find it challenging and overwhelming to manage their networks in the effort to minimize issues, Legal and Technical, so one must have Total Visibility to be able to recognize performance issues, aberrant behavior, data leaks plus being able to prove that they are protecting their network and data!. Today’s data requirements for  carriers, data centers, defense organizations and enterprises is that they MUST be able to see all their data and applications in real time in order to secure and manage their growing networks and traffic demands while improving productivity and keeping watch for attacks and leaks.

The key to this success is Total Network Visibility with Line Rate, Real Time network segment with focus view capabilities.

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LMTV LIVE | How to Create Scalable Visibility in your Data Center (with Chris Bihary of Garland Technology)

YouTube LIVE event start time: Wednesday, July 19, 2017, 9:30 AM PST

Garland170x200How do you scale your network infrastructure to support multiple monitoring tools - while ensuring 100% packet capture?

This is the problem we have been hearing in the last few years. Data centers (D1 & D2) and enterprise networks have many challenges and two of the big ones are providing the IT department anytime access to full-duplex traffic, while guaranteeing full packet capture. Now layer on top of that a stack of 1G legacy monitoring tools in addition to the migration to 10G/40G and 100G speeds.

Join us for to learn about the latest visibility solution from Garland Technology’s as they introduce and demonstrate their Passive Fiber Modular Chassis System, a flexible, scalable and affordable high density solution for managing up to 24 links in a 1U box at network speeds of 1G/10G/40G/100G.

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LMTV LIVE | Visibility Architectures - Understanding NPM and APM (with Keith Bromley of IXIA and Jason Suss of Dynatrace)

YouTube Live Event starts at 9:00 AM PST, Wednesday, March 3, 2017

Yx_X0tC2Most everyone in IT has heard about network performance monitoring (NPM) and application performance monitoring (APM). But what are the real benefits? For instance, what kind of information do I really get and is it worth the investment? Also, what about the complexity involved with these types of solutions? Join us for the third of several discussions to learn what a visibility architecture is, the real benefits of NPM and APM, and how you can optimize your network to take advantage of these solutions.

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LMTV LIVE | From Cisco Live (with Chris Bihary of Garland Tech)

Garland170x200In this week's LMTV, our guest host, +Chris Bihary of +Garland Technology. who is the CEO and Co-Founder and attending this year's CiscoLive! event in fabulous and sunny Las Vegas, will discuss with +Tim O'Neill Garland Technology’s new 1G 1U/2U Packet Broker System.

This 4-slot or 12-slot chassis system allows the greatest versatility in a 1G system on the market, performing filtering and data aggregation for in-band monitoring tools or out-of-band security tools.

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LMTV | SPAN Port vs TAP: The Latency Impact (with Tony Fortunato)

Please join us LIVE: Monday, May 2, 2016 - 9:30 AM PST

WaldoTony FortunatoIn this week's LMTV we will catch up with +tony fortunato who will cover the classic "SPAN vs. TAP" topic since SPAN ports are used for network analysis more often in the field than ever before.

While other articles that compare spanning technology vs. TAPs focus on the packet loss issue, Tony will approach this from a different angle by analyzing how a span port affects packet timing.

Click here for the companion article written by Tony.

Below is today's PowerPoint presentation.

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