Introductory Guide to Network Packet Brokers (by Derek Burke)
Keeping Your House In Order (by Tony Fortunato)

Wireshark Week at Viavi (by The Lovemytool Team)

Viavi - Wireshark Week - 2018 !!!

The week of December 10-14, 2018 is Wireshark Week! Do Not miss it and the learning experience!

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Register now for free and sink your teeth into an entire week of strategies from Wireshark experts designed to sharpen your troubleshooting skills.

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In this free webinar series, you will learn:

Presenter: Chris Greer - Introduction to Wireshark

Presenter: Chris Greer - How to Fix “Slow”

Presenter: Paul Offord - Troubleshooting Performance in the Cloud

Presenter: Ross Bagurdes - Monitoring and Assessing Encrypted Traffic

Presenter: Chris Greer - Troubleshooting High-Speed Networks

Enjoy the freshest troubleshooting strategies and jaw-dropping hacks, especially for Wireshark users. Attend all five sessions and we’ll provide you with a certificate to showcase your learning.

Shark IQ: Test Your Wireshark Knowledge

VIAVI Solutions brings you the opportunity to put your Wireshark knowledge to the test with this 10 question quiz. Are you a Wireshark beast, comparable to the legendary Great White?  Or just a bucket of chum?

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