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ProfiTap's Network Superheroes (by Tony Fortunato)

ProfiTap contacted 12 network analysts and had them put their ProfiShark product through its paces. Then the analysts wrote about their specific experiences, feedback and general thoughts.

I read through the pdf's and was intrigued as to what people wrote about and enjoyed hearing from different perspectives.

I personally think the end result was a great mix of articles that i think you would enjoy.

Here's a very brief summary along with the links:

Mike Pennacchi “Measuring Device Latency with the ProfiShark”

  • Mike shows us how to use the SPAN mode of the ProfiShark while determining and comparing the latency introduced by a Microtik configured to use NAT.
  • Very cool to see Mike sharing the methodology behind his testing.
  • youtube.com/watch?v=gMXBhNP9JJs
  • http://www.nps-llc.com

Stuart “Thor” Kendrick In-line Tapping in the Data Center”

  • Stuart takes us through his trials and tribulations while adding another VLAN to an ISILSON cluster.
  • Impressed with the level of detail and photos Stuart provides walking me through ProfiShark Manager and his specific connects.
  • Liked that Stuart used another tool ‘mass-ping’ for his troubleshooting.
  • http://www.skendric.com

Jasper “MacGyver” Bongertz A look at a portable USB3 network TAP

  • Jasper provides a great detailed review and usability tips of the ProfiShark.
  • Excellent pros and cons with real world examples.
  • Liked the timestamp overview.
  • https://blog.packet-foo.com/

Ray “Spock“ Tompkins “Troubleshooting with Gearbit and ProfiShark”

  • Ray walks through a “slow response time” troubleshooting engagement
  • Very good walk through on how he used Wireshark to identify the root cause
  • https://gearbit.com/

Megumi “The Flash” Takeshita “ProfiShark Long-term Capture”

  • Great explanation of packet size vs throughput
  • Megumi also covers the installation and configuration of ProfiShark ‘s Manager application
  • Fantastic walkthrough on long term captures to a Synology NAS
  • twitter.com/ikeriri

  • www.ikeriri.ne.jp

Tim “Captain” O’Neill "SPAN Port or TAP–CSO Beware" and "The Reality Of Meeting Your Data Visualization Demands"

  • One whitepaper discusses if a SPAN port is viable. He covers 5 reasons why SPAN is not a passive technology. When is a SPAN port ‘OK’?
  • The other whitepaper covers 5 rules “Basic Rules for Network Data Visualiztion Access”
  • What is a VACL and tips about working with them
  • www.lovemytool.com

Phil “Sherlock” Shade

Tom “The Guru” Tosh “Coordinated, Multi-site Visibility With ProfiShark & EZ-Trace”

  • Well written introduction to EZ-Trace and how to use it with ProfiShark
  • www.chi-metrix.com

Tony “Inspector Fortunato "ProfiShark Performance Results"

  • Tony uses a traffic generator to compare tshark, Built-in NIC, TAP, SPAN and ProfiShark’s performance
  • Explains the impact of packet size on performance and your tools
  • https://www.thetechfirm.com

Brad “AquaMan” Palm "Profishark 1G use case analysis"


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