IP Subnet Wireshark Display Filter (by Tony Fortunato)
LMTV LIVE | Resilience Within A Security Architecture (with Keith Bromley and Steve McGregory)

Introducing cloudXchange 2018 -  a free series of technical sessions! (by Amanda Hendley)

Introducing cloudXchange 2018 -  a free series of technical sessions!

Sessions from Uber to Netflix technologists and more:

Presented by:  Amanda Hendley of the Computer Management Group

If there is one constant in our collective business lives, it is that the proverbial cloud has come to represent the majority of IT processes for all of us. The cloud, after all, now accounts for seemingly everything, from our personal lives and how we interact with each other socially, to how we manage our finances, travel, shop, and so on. More importantly, the cloud represents the infrastructure where all of that personal interaction resides.

It’s no surprise that the cloud has digitally transformed our world. But the question becomes, how do we leverage that digital transformation in ways that we have never thought of before? It is for this reason that CMG presents cloudXchange, a way for experts of all types to come together to share best practices—as well as the good, the bad, and the ugly—to mitigate simple risks, such as not making the same mistake twice.

This year sessions, in this free technical event -  will include  - topics like –

  • public and private cloud
  • performance & capacity
  • hybrid systems
  • infrastructure
  • security
  • ML and AI

Specific presentation examples –

  • “Anomaly Detection in Time Series",
  • "Open Source APM Tools - An Overview of Tools and Standards",
  • "Performance Monitoring in Cloud Native Computing: Overcoming Challenges of Traceability in Microservices-based Applications",
  • "Blockchain Performance Engineering"
  • “Exposing the Cost of Performance Hidden in the Cloud"
  • "Continuous Load Testing using Real Browsers from the Cloud"
  • "Measuring Client Performance and Inventing Teleportation
  • "Embedded Analytics for Devices, Edges, and Servers" and many more…

see more and register for the free event here -  https://www.cmg.org/cloudxchange/

This is an exciting free event for attendees and sponsors alike. It has always been the mission of the CMG (Computer Management Group) to bring the best and the brightest into the spotlight, making CMG a beacon for digital transformation—the epicenter for all things IT-related—and representing the gamut from performance to infrastructure and beyond.

However, this year represents something far bigger. For CMG internally, we are going through our own transformation—a new brand, and a highly modernized infrastructure to make our experience better than ever for both our members and sponsors.

With this in mind, we knew that this year’s cloudXchange had to represent a giant leap forward, encompassing ideas, speakers, and more that, collectively, represent our collective bright futures.

So, we are proud to announce that this year we are bringing executive technical speakers from companies such as Uber and Netflix, among others, who will be bringing with them a vision of the future that will together drive all business processes for years to come.

I look forward to virtually meeting everyone in the cloud on June 19, 2018. Learn more and register free online at www.cmg.org/cloudXchange.

Amanda Hendley CMGThe author Amanda Hendley is the Manageing Director for The Computer Measurement Group www.CMG.org which is a not-for-profit, worldwide organization of IT professionals committed to sharing information and best practices focused on ensuring the efficiency and scalability of IT service delivery to the enterprise through measurement, quantitative analysis and forecasting.

As President and Managing Director of Computer Measurement Group, Inc, Amanda Hendley provides resources and facilitates connections to give CMG members a competitive edge. With her vast experience launching and refining events and programs, Amanda is positioning CMG for exponential growth and for supporting member companies in their digital transformations.