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So Just How Bad is 0.9% Packet Loss in your Network? --Network Congestion and TCP's impact on Performance (by Mike Canney)

I often get trace files from customers with the comments, "there seems to be some TCP retransmissions" but they are not sure just how that really relates to performance issues they are having.  After all, some amount of retransmissions in an Ethernet Network is normal, right? 

There are certainly safeguards against packet loss in the protocols we use today but just what does it do to the end user experience when packet loss occurs?  Join me as we explore troubleshooting with Wireshark and NetData with an example I ran into recently where we needed to get to the bottom of their performance issue.





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Mike Canney specializes in providing application and network performance consulting services.  If you have a performance problem you haven't been able to track down for days, weeks or longer, Mike would love to help you out. 

Over the past 26 years Mike has helped 1,000’s of companies identify and resolve their application and network performance issues. Mike has also developed coursework and taught engineers how to identify, re-mediate, and prevent network and application issues by analyzing traffic flows at the packet level.

Mike has been a guest speaker at many industry trade shows (such as Interop, Wireshark "Sharkfest" and Cisco Live) throughout the United States on the topic of application performance analysis.

Mike can be reached at