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dumpcap Configuration Tool (by Tony Fortunato)

Wireshark users may already be familiar with tshark but not dumpcap.

dumpcap is a very powerful tool that Wireshark users you can use for a variety of reasons;

  • depending on your exact configuration, dumpcap can help mitigate dropped packets
  • in most cases dumpcap is less resource intensive
  • since dumpcap is a command line tool, you can use in a batch file
  • its easy to run it consistently regardless of your level of experience

The only issue with dumpcap is that the command line options can be overwhelming which is where the team from Advance7 comes in.  They put together a cool webpage that helps you figure out some basic dumpcap options.

Simply fill in the boxes and then copy/paste the result to your command prompt or batch file.

dumpcap Configuration Tool   Give dumpcap a try.

if you prefer a windows application, try dumpcapui at



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