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LMTV LIVE | Visibility Architectures - Understanding NPM and APM (with Keith Bromley of IXIA and Jason Suss of Dynatrace)

YouTube Live Event starts at 9:00 AM PST, Wednesday, March 3, 2017

Yx_X0tC2Most everyone in IT has heard about network performance monitoring (NPM) and application performance monitoring (APM). But what are the real benefits? For instance, what kind of information do I really get and is it worth the investment? Also, what about the complexity involved with these types of solutions? Join us for the third of several discussions to learn what a visibility architecture is, the real benefits of NPM and APM, and how you can optimize your network to take advantage of these solutions.

Key Points to Comment on:

  • A Visibility Architecture is an end-to-end infrastructure which enables physical and virtual network, application, and security visibility
  • Network packet brokers are central to any APM or NPM solution because they can parse the requisite data needed and distribute that data to one or more monitoring tools
  • Optimization of your network and application performance (QoS, QoE, the reduction of network “slowness” complaints) is possible with the correct solution
  • Here are some examples of specific use cases you can deploy:
  • NPM solutions can be used to improve QoS on the network and optimize the network SLA performance
  • APM solutions can be used to improve QoE and optimize SLA performance for network applications, i.e. capture data that can be used by an APM tool to observe and diagnose application slowness
  • APM can be used to analyze user behaviors
  • Application intelligence can identify slow or underperforming applications
  • Proactive monitoring provides better and faster network rollouts
  • Proactive troubleshooting can be performed with application intelligence
  • It is possible to prevent applications from overloading the bandwidth of network by observing application growth on the bandwidth
  • You can conduct inline network performance monitoring to optimize route A/B traffic flow (i.e. investigate path latency and performance problems)

Calls To Action:

  • Watch this webinar (6 Ways Network Visibility Can Optimize Your Network) for an overview of 15 different use cases for network monitoring solutions from the Resources page on
  • Visit the Dynatrace website for more information on application performance monitoring solutions
  • Download the whitepaper Best Practices for Network Monitoring from the Resources page on
  • Download the whitepaper on deduplication best practices from the Resources page on
  • Visit Out-of-Band Visibility solutions page at or contact Ixia for a demonstration of well it works and how easy it is to use

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