Snapshots from Sharkfest - TCP ACKFor Column (by Chris Greer)
LMTV WTF | Performance Testing Quickstart (by Tony Fortunato)

Performance Testing (by Tony Fortunato)

In many of my workshops, classes and engagements I am always finding myself covering the topic of latency or jitter.

While both topics are different, they do share one common thing; they illustrate forms of delay.

I always like to start with a basic example where I explain that technically, the longer the cable the more latency. Then you take this basic idea and start expanding to other ‘things’ that are between two hosts. Everything from switches and routers to Wifi and Firewalls get thrown into the equation.


In this video I show you how I document the jitter introduced by a switch using a Netcout/Fluke Networks Optiview XG and a ProfiShark TAP.

As I mentioned in the video, you don’t need this specific tool to perform these measurements, but pay attention the straight forward methodology presented.



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