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Wireshark 2 0 Find Feature (by Tony Fortunato)


As you start using Wireshark 2.0 there will be an adjustment period or learning curve.  This is that point in time when you casually use a routine feature or function and see something different.

I’ve read many studies that illustrate how people are resist change and your immediate reaction may be a bit of confusion. Before you get all worked up lets take a step back and figure out what changed. In this case, its not that drastic and we can work through it fairly easily.

I would encourage you to remember this with all your network troubleshooting applications. Whenever there is a major software upgrade, make some time to go through the most common tasks. You would be surprised how many features get changed, removed and added. I know this may seem trivial, but when you reach for your favorite tool and things aren't where they used to be, you'll remember my advice. I also take it a step further and email the release notes to myself and read it when I get a chance.

The Find feature is one of those things that I used all the time, so when I went to Wireshark 2.0, I immediately noticed it changed a bit. To be honest, I didn't think Ctrl+F initially worked since I didn't see the Find dialogue box. Like all IT people, I resorted to tapping the same key combination in the hopes it would magically work.  After a few tries, I noticed the a new tool bar appeared and contained all the same options and had a good chuckle.

In this video a take a few minutes to show you the new find feature bar layout and a few tips when using it.



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