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Fun start-up company Naming Tool - For Real and for Christmas

It’s the holiday season and we at Gumas would like to share a gift with the Challenger Brand Website and community. As an agency geographically based in the belly of the technology beast, we have built and branded many start-ups. Frequently, this process begins with the development of an appropriate and provocative brand name. As followers of the Challenger Brand Marketing Blog well know, the naming process requires time, research, analysis, testing and a great deal of smarts. But, thanks to a brand new scientific marketing tool, all of that hard work just became a bit easier.

Now, with the amazing Gumas Tech Start-Up Naming Aggregator, you can save weeks of brainstorming, research and analysis by following these easy steps. Simply take the name of your CEO and apply the first letter of his/her first name and match it to the chart below to secure the first half of the start-up’s name. Then, take the first letter of your CEO’s last name to attach the second half of the name.

For example, if your CEO’s name is John Gumas, your new start-up would be called HyperRock. If your CEO’s name was Craig Alexander, the start-up would be known as Zenster. See what your company might have been named!

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InfographicSo from the Gumas Team and the LoveMyTool Team - A Very Merry Christmas and the Very Best of the New Year!

John GumasAuthor - This article was written by John and Team - John Gumas is the Founder and President of Gumas Advertising, a San Francisco based full service branding, advertising and interactive marketing agency that specializes in Challenger Brand Marketing. John is considered one of the country’s foremost authorities on Challenger Brand Marketing and is the author of the popular book on the subject entitled “Marketing Smart.” Check out John’s book at

*Editor's Note - The Oldcommguy - John is an awesome friend and a very seasoned professional marketing expert. I have had the pleaseure of working with John and Team and if you need branding and Marketing assistance the Gumas Team is the Very Best Team and I highly recommend them!