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LMTV WTF LIve | Network Troubleshooting: Latency Vs. Retransmission (with Tony Fortunato)

Live Event Time - Wednesday, September 23, 2015 - 9:30 AM PST

WaldoTony Fortunato+tony fortunato recently published a paper on Network Computing entitled "Network Troubleshooting: Latency Vs. Retransmission".

We invited Tony to talk with us next week and to answer questions from live audience

When troubleshooting network performance problems, most analysts find themselves chasing one of two issues: latency or retransmissions. Both scenarios result in performance degradation, but have very different root causes and solutions.

Tony has been involved in many troubleshooting exercises where he gets a totally different perspective by changing test point. , He will show us how the same problem can look like a latency problem or retransmission-related issue by simply changing the test location in the network

This is a live event where Tony will be available for Q&A.

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