LMTV SharkFest | Packet Matching (by Paul Offord)
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LMTV SharkFest | Packet Capture Techniques (by Paul Offord)



Picture of Paul OffordLMTV SharkfestThere was a time when capturing packets was straightforward; set up a mirror or SPAN port, connect the analyzer to the destination and away we go. Now life is much more complex.

We have blade servers that include switches, VMs chatting via Virtual Switches and the older issue of capturing traffic between two programs running on the same operating system. In this session, we cover the tips and tricks that enable us to get those lovely network packets. We look at what works in an enterprise environment and what you should avoid.




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Author Profile - Paul Offord has had a 37-year career in the IT industry that includes roles in hardware engineering, software engineering and network management. Prior to founding Advance7, he worked for IBM, National Semiconductor and Hitachi Data Systems.

Paul and the problem analysts at Advance7 help IT support teams in many business sectors to troubleshoot difficult performance and stability problems. Paul played a key role in the development of the RPR problem diagnosis method and is currently leading the TribeLab project to explore new ways to help IT support people learn troubleshooting skills.