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Subject Matter Expert to Leader: Interview With Maria Conte (by Tony Fortunato)

LMTV WTF Live | HTTP Baselining: Troubleshooting, Planning and Security (by Tony Fortunato)

Live Event Time - Friday, March 6, 2015 - 9:30 AM PST

WaldoPlease join us with another live episode of LMTV WTF Live (Where's Tony Fortunato) where +tony fortunato from +The Technology Firm will put into practice some of the principles and tips mentioned in his last baselining broadcast.

Tony FortunatoIn this session, Tony will cover some tips, tricks and info covering HTTP baselining for troubleshooting, planning and security.

Specifically, Tony will discuss the following topics.

  • HTTP items to document from within your packets
  • HTTP commands
  • What about proxies?
  • Protocol forcing
  • Looking for credentials
  • Leveraging Wireshark for reporting, etc.

Again, this is a live episode so don't miss the rare opportunity to ask questions and make comments either before or during the show.

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The following is the PowerPoint presentation.