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13 posts from March 2015

Bend Me, Shape Me (by Paul W. Smith)


“Bend me, shape me
Anyway you want me
Long as you love me
It's all right
Bend me, shape me
Anyway you want me
You got the power to turn on the light”*

I’ll give you the compressed version of this for now since I don’t have the bandwidth for more.  If you are still interested, we can take this offline.   And if you remain unconvinced that technology has changed our social intercourse, go to your desktop (not the flat wooden surface), bring up the dashboard (not the one in your car), click on the Dictionary icon (not the painting of Jesus) and look up “Technospeak”.

Long before Google entered the lexicon as a verb, most of us were aware that the technology filling our lives was also changing our language.  It bends us and shapes us in countless ways and, most of the time, that’s all right.  What’s often overlooked is that this influence flows both ways.

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The Personal Side of Troubleshooting (by Tony Fortunato and Maria Conte)



Wow, my first article with my friend Maria Conte sure got a lot or attention so we thought we would strike while the metal is hot.

Maria and I got together and collaborated on another article. This time we are covering a very common topic that should benefit everyone.  It is titled, "The Personal Side of Troubleshooting', where we cover the various issues regarding troubleshooting and ho manage staff, expectations and management. So without further delay, here we go.

The Personal Side Of Troubleshooting

With your experience and knowledge of technology and your ability to navigate the politics of work, you may find yourself as the main technical resource for troubleshooting.  At this point in your career, you may be empowered to pull a troubleshooting team together to resolve a major issue.

There’s no surprise that you have to manage EVERYONE impacted by the issue which may include technical teams, management, clients and everyone that has a vested interest in the current situation.

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Wireshark Tip - Finding Slow Application Response Time (by Chris Greer)


Most IT organizations have a slow application or two, either persistently or intermittently. The tough part is getting the blame off the network and onto whatever system or component is the real culprit.

One way to do this is by analyzing application response time to end user requests.

When combing through a blur of packets in Wireshark, measuring application response time can be a pain. It requires filtering and focusing on individual transactions to an application server, while ignoring the non-essentials.

In this quick tip, we will show how to quickly identify slow application response time with Wireshark. Note – this tip assumes that DHCP, DNS, and other network services were not the root cause.

Filtering on the right conversation

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Win-FO Complete Walk Through (by Casey Mullis)

We all love to window shop and look as well as test things before we buy. It is only wise to do so. We at Win-FO.com want you to be able to see a complete walk through of our program, but we also want to give you a sample. We are currently setup to offer you a test version from the website once you setup an account. You will need to provide a USB serial number for us to encode the program to at which time you will have the executable added to your download section of your account. Please click link below to see 4.5 minute video. Thanks


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Real Network Nightmares Video 2 of 7 (by Tony Fortunato)

PC Baselines

I cant tell you how many times I hear WAN traffic is at an all time high but very people know why.  Sure you can tell me its web or SMB, but that doesn’t explain why.

What I specifically mean is for example, if SMB traffic is high, is it due to printing, file shares from who to whom, etc…

In this example I cover a similar scenario when WAN traffic actually got higher before the reported time frame which was a result of an upgrade script gone awry.



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