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Let the Drone Wars Begin! (by Casey Mullis)

Where would we be if the past refused to start writing things down in books? Where would we be if people refused cars over horses? Where would we be if we refused cell phones over land lines? We are people of innovations! We are made to move forward and create things. We see the start of a new era and battle over technology in one area. Do we stand still or push forward? Do we fear it or embrace it?


We can see the start of the drone wars. It is with competition and creativity that we can strive to make things better. If we accept the status-quo then we never make it better and never advance forward. We hear many screaming about their privacy and such. Not sure if those people have ever researched their own names online. How about Google Earth? We hear many fearing the technology but what about the technology that saves your life?


We cannot have this type of innovation without testing and public consumers. Why do we say public consumers? It is through the purchase by the public that funds the next steps in development. Not everything can be funded by rich people and or the governments of the worlds.

We have governments using drones to spy on everyone, yes everyone. Not just the ones they ladled terrorists. If anyone is using the technology to violate your rights, I would lean toward the government before we would an inventor or tester (aka: public).


We speak loudest with our votes and pocketbooks. These drones are here and will continue to be made better. We can be a part of it or fight it, it is each their own choice. Ask yourself this “How did we leave the stone age? How did we get out of the Bronze Age?”


It took people willing to make that next step. We are sure they had fear when making it but they did not let fear hold them back. We hear people wanting innovation in this area held from the public, but then where do they get funding to move forward? We hear fears of violation of their rights. We say to you that is being done already but not by the developer or average consumer of the drone technology.

We will concede that technology can be used for good or bad. We say that the sword, when first created had the same issue. We can say the same about guns or gun powder. We have to keep challenging each other to make things better. Imagine one day; you are out hiking in a beautiful summer day. You get snake bit and call for help but help is hours away. They are able to get a shot to you but it is by drone a lone. Would you refuse it because it is being brought to you on a piece of technology you do not agree with?

Just about everything man creates is a double edged sword. It will most likely cut both ways. Why, because humans are just that “Human”. Since the beginning of time man has had issues but we overcome them. We challenge you before you argue to suppress innovation, look and see what will be if it is.

We believe in the Constitution of the United States and will stand with it for all. You will be told “No” more than “Yes” in your life time. We want you to continue moving forward and doing the best you can.



Author - Emory Mullis has been in Law Enforcement for roughly 19 years including military and civilian law enforcement. He started learning about computers back when Gateway 266 MHz was the top of the line and cost about $2000.00.Right out the box, I was compelled to take my new found 266 apart. Why I have no idea other than pure curiosity. Once I had the computer out the box and on the floor in pieces, my wife walked in. Trust me people; this was not a good thing! Either way I got a good understanding at this point on how a computer is put together and / or the components inside. This was my starting point with computers and I still hear my wife in the back ground “It better work when you put it back together!” That was my humble beginnings as a Cyber Investigator. Now with many Cyber cases under my belt, I have learned that you must question, challenge and test almost daily to keep up with all the new tools, software, computers and cell phone formats to be able to forensically acquire evidence and it is a real challenge. I enjoy the challenge and look forward to learning more every day!