The Coping Point (by Paul W. Smith)
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WiFi Do's and Dont's (by Tony Fortunato)

The other week AirMagnet/Fluke Networks asked me to put together a webcast covering some WiFi tips from my expereince.

When i am asked to do these webcasts for Vendors, I always have that thought in the back of my head that the majority of my information will be transformed into a product sales pitch losing the technical relevance and value for the audience.  I am happy to report that did not happen. I have to give AirMagnet credit for not turning my presentation into a Marketing 'dog and pony show'.

I was shocked when I heard that over 300 people had registered for the event proving to me that analysts were interested in someone's experience with WiFi.

On to the material, I covered various aspects of WiFi design, impementation, support and testing and hope you find the session helpful.

I was very impressed with the audience participation and appreciated the questions posed to me.


WiFi Video Link


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