Wireshark Transum Quickstart (by Tony Fortunato)
LMTV | Panel Discussion with the Advance7 Team (moderated by Paul Offord)

Fping Quickstart (by Tony Fortunato)

Here’s an updated video of my original Fping Quickstart video to cover a few more tips and tricks.

Every technologist needs to have access to tools that have the features covered in the video.

Sure you can buy software, but I always say that there is point when you graduate from free software to commercial software. I just hope when you move to a commercial product, you do so for a specific reason.



For example, you may want a tool that pings with at an interval better than Microsoft’s 1 second interval.  Or maybe you need a tool that can ping and increase the size of its payload to determine when fragmentation.


Join Tony for 3 days of network troubleshooting, baselining and general tips and tricks.

This 3 day is course is for everyone.  From the novice just getting into the field, to the seasoned vetern who is looking for a refresher and a different approach.

The Technology Firm has put together an original network troubleshooting class for a reasonable price.

Product specific classes typically cost from $700-$1,000/day, whereas this class is priced at only $999.00 for 3 days.

you can find the outline and registration page at https://www.thetechfirm.com/3day and I whipped up a corny promo video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MCPtbU1Zi6g


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