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Cisco Tip Securing Your Cisco Passwords (by Tony Fortunato)

There is always many little things we can do to make life just a bit more difficult for the bad guys.

For example, locking your doors deters a criminal and they most likely will look for an easier target. Unfortunately if the bad guy is determined enough to steal your pet rock collection, he will probably find another way in.

In the past, I have cautioned people about using Telnet within an untrusted network. In the networking world, I see various vendors that store passwords in clear text which could be considered the same thing.  I have also seen analysts print off a configuration and leave it on the desk. Or worse, email it to a vendor when troubleshooting. 

What could be so bad about that? Well, in many cases the default configuration may not encrypt your password.

In this video I show you the simplest Cisco commands to protect your passwords.

I don’t want to jump on my soapbox, but don’t forget to protect your SNMP write strings.  



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