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Enabling SSH On Your Cisco Equipment (by Tony Fortunato)

There is nothing wrong with using telnet if you and your destination's connection is via a physical cable, if you have ACL’s defined on your telnet port and probably a bunch of other items that don’t come to mind right now.  Unfortunately many networks that I have seen do not meet these criteria. 

I’ve seen people on open public Wifi telnet to their Equipment..  Yikess!!

If you did not know telnet is a clear text protocol. That means anyone with a protocol analyzer, like Wireshark, can capture your packets and see everything you typed.  EVERYTHING!!

In the past I put together a video on how to create login accounts, passwords and enable SSH on your Cisco equipment but don’t think it had a good flow.  So I thought I would give it another try.

In this video I take you from the first to the last step in the straight forward process in under 5 minutes.




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