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Are you still Plugging in USB? (by Casey Mullis)

The wear and tear on your USB port and storage drive can cause it to break down over time. So what do you do to combat this? What can you do to combat this? Yes, we will be showing you an option to resolve this issue. The catch twenty two is we can for see a double edged sword coming out of what you are about to see and read about.


SanDisk has a great new USB drive that comes in different sizes (16, 32, and 64 GB). Now you may be thinking well I already know this. Hold your horses cause SanDisk has added wireless ability to the drive. Yes the ability to not have to plug the drive in to store your data to it. The possibilities here are endless and are limited by your ideas only.

We have all heard of wireless hard drives that need to be plugged in to a power supply. No longer, you now no longer need that and it is so small it fits in your pocket with ease.



When you set this bad boy up you will see how easy it is to use. To connect to the device is so simple a caveman could do it. That’s right I just quoted an insurance commercial. There is no other way I can express the ease of use of this device. I have my cell phone linked to it via an app downloaded to my cell. You can even set it to connect to trusted Wi-Fi connections like your home network and this gives you the ability to have Wi-Fi on it and the cell.

The data transfer is sufficient for what we use it for. You will no longer need to plug your iDevice or Android in to get your data on to your main computer. You will no longer need to have your main computer up and running to transfer files. Just dump to this great little tool and when you get time transfer.

The device has good distance of 150 feet. Now the catch twenty two here is the criminal side or use. I could see the interface being hacked and turned in to some sort of Trojan horse. The other problem with this little device is it can be hidden anywhere and it goes to sleep after thirty minutes. The average person would not think about this or to look for this. So this device is a great idea and tool but creates another option for criminal minds.

This is not SanDisk’s issue to take on but it is ours as a society as we keep putting technology out on the streets without for thought of the issues that will be created after release. Most of us want to see good not bad but we have to know bad is out there.

Another reason to write articles about these things is to show what is out there and how it can be used and should not be used. I am a gun owner but I know that people do bad things with them because I was taught about these things. We are looking to share knowledge for people to be on the lookout for good and bad.

The security of the device is based on your ability to use a good password for the device. I promise you if you leave it open and take it in to the world; your data will be stolen from it. If you use a poor password it will be cracked. So the security depends on you.

So please go out and Do Good!


Author - Emory Mullis has been in Law Enforcement for roughly 19 years including military and civilian law enforcement. He started learning about computers back when Gateway 266 MHz was the top of the line and cost about $2000.00.Right out the box, I was compelled to take my new found 266 apart. Why I have no idea other than pure curiosity. Once I had the computer out the box and on the floor in pieces, my wife walked in. Trust me people; this was not a good thing! Either way I got a good understanding at this point on how a computer is put together and / or the components inside. This was my starting point with computers and I still hear my wife in the back ground “It better work when you put it back together!” That was my humble beginnings as a Cyber Investigator. Now with many Cyber cases under my belt, I have learned that you must question, challenge and test almost daily to keep up with all the new tools, software, computers and cell phone formats to be able to forensically acquire evidence and it is a real challenge. I enjoy the challenge and look forward to learning more every day!