LMTV Weekly Tech Forum (WTF) - December 11, 2013
Why are Monitoring and Analysis Tools Still Considered "Optional"? (by Chris Greer)

Virtual Router for Windows Portable Software AP (by Tony Fortunato)

There have been many occasions when I wished that I had a Wifi access point.  Can’t think of one, here’s a few recent examples for myself:

  • I wanted to share information with a group and no public Wifi was accessible.
  • I needed a couple of Access Points for some Lab work
  • Wanted to sync my smartphone with my laptop via WiFi because I did not have my usb cable with me.
  • I was at a location that only had wired network connections, poor cell coverage and wanted to use my smartphone.

Many of my regular readers know that I prefer portable applications since there is no installation required and this app is one of those.  All you need to do is download the zip file, unzip it to its own folder, run the exe file, determine which network adapter you want to share and hit Start Virtual Router Plus.

Please remember that it is using your WiFi computer’s antenna and radio so range will vary, but I was able to get 25 -30 feet from my laptop.

I works pretty good and did I mention that is free  ;b





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