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From Denny K Miu: Russ previously worked at OPNET and we had worked together when I was the CEO of my last company. Recently he started IT Central Station and from what I can see, he is doing a great job serving our community much as what we try to do here at LoveMyTool. We wish him best of luck and encourage our readers to check out his site.

With such a large selection of enterprise network monitoring solutions to choose from, deciding on the correct choice for your organization’s needs can be daunting and time consuming. Recently, Russ Rothstein and colleagues founded IT Central Station to provide network and other IT professionals with unbiased real user reviews to help them make the best decisions for their organization, without vendor bias or spin.

They have been described as Yelp or TripAdvisor for IT enterprise solutions. Unlike other consumer review sites, all reviewers on IT Central Station are validated first with their LinkedIn profiles, so you can be sure they are 100% authentic.

The following are some of the reviews and comments from their community of users:

Riverbed AppResponse Xpert: One of their users gave AppResponse Xpert a five-star review because it’s easy to use, easy to deploy and gather information from the servers. He says that it provides the insight needed to know where the responsive time delay is happening, which is key to improving the application. However, another real user writes that support cases often require escalation to R&D.

Fluke Networks Visual TruView: A Manager of Network Engineering at a large retailer wrote a detailed review of his experiences with Visual TruView. He writes that until his company deployed Visual TruView, they “lacked visibility into network and application performance.” He says that it provides them with visibility into pressing issues, a very logical easy to use workflow and they find it simple to use.

SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor (NPM): The majority of their real user reviewers gave NPM a four or five star rating. A real user of NPM says that SolarWinds is constantly adding new features and is responsive to customer requests but added that this often causes bugs and although their primary support team is responsive, their outsourced support can be quite frustrating to work with.

Nagios vs Zabbix: Each of these open source solutions were given an average rating of four stars by our real users. In a heated discussion, several of their network engineers have been discussing which solution is the preferred choice. One user states that “there is no comparison between Nagios and Zabbix.” He lists several Zabbix features which Nagios is missing including Auto Registration, Auto Discovery, Aggregate Graphs and Distributed Monitoring.

On their site you can read dozens of real user reviews of Wireshark (average rating: four stars), Microsoft SCOM (three stars), AppNeta (three stars), OpManager and many other network monitoring tools.

If you’re currently evaluating the various network monitoring solutions on the market, take a look at their free report, Network Monitoring Secrets from Real Users.

Russell-Rothstein-CEO-SquareITCS_splash_sqr_512pxVendor Profile: Russell is co-founder and CEO of IT Central Station, the leading social networking and product review site for enterprise IT software. Russell has 20 years of industry experience including stints at OPNET Technologies and Oracle. Follow Russell on twitter at @RussRothsteinIT or email him at russell@itcentralstation.com