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Perceptions! What is yours? (by Casey Mullis)

If we were all in a room that had one window and we could each see out of the window from where we are standing: Would we see the same thing? Would we describe the same? Would we tell the same story, the same way? Did you have an outside influence? Did you have a bias?


Some would say yes, yet others would say no. I am on the NO end of the spectrum. Even though we are looking out the same window, based on where we are standing, we would have different perspectives. We may see parts of the same thing but we would perceive it differently. Our line of site would be different. Why, because we cannot occupy the same space at the same time. I cannot stand where you are as you cannot stand where I am at the same time. I may blink for a split second, when you did not.

Yet when we each tell our story, even though it may be different in many ways; we both will be telling the truth based on our own perceptions. Is your glass half empty or half full? What is your perception?

I had the luxury of learning a lesson recently when it came to iTunes by Apple. Attempting to be a good parent and a good steward of the money, I have one iTunes account that we all use in my house. Yes we have several Apple products in the home. We actually have all iProducts to be exact. It is this iTunes account that taught me a lesson.


A year or so ago the account was compromised and I had to get the account reset. I never thought about it again until now.

I ran an update on my iDevice and when it was done a program showed up called iMessage. The program started getting messages from different numbers. What I realized was, this was my daughter’s chats she was actively having with her friends. As long as I did nothing and did not enter anything on my end, she had no clue I was seeing everything she was getting or sending. Yes, I got all images or files sent and received on my iDevice.  The image below is an example.


The more I thought about this, it came to mind in today’s world could this be considered “Ease Dropping”? Yes it is my account and it is internet based not hard line based. So I can safely say I am not wiretapping. Would the two parties have an expectation of privacy in the conversation if they thought it was private? Now my daughter would not as she is underage but what about the other person on the other end, who has no clue what account she is using to chat with?

As humans in a society where laws govern all, we have a responsibility to ask and seek answers to questions such as these.

As I got each message it was tied to a number to the left as the screen shot above (Example with names). In my daughters iDevice it showed up as the name she gave it in her iDevice. On my end because I did not have the numbers stored (This is an assumption) with a name, all I saw was the numbers and the chats as well as files or images. This is not to say a user could not have a chat without assigning a name to the person they are chatting with.

Each and every song, app, or other actions taken by my daughter was showing up on my iDevice. This gave rise to another question. What would happen if the account was compromised and someone used it for nefarious reasons? Now our iDevice’s are linked in some way to the criminal activities of another person. If you walked in and looked at our iDevice’s, your perception may be we are up to some sort of criminal activity. Only through a complete forensic exam with the right training and experience, could one answer some of the questions posed here.

What about Google+ accounts and or other iCloud accounts? We know that these things are possible as we hear about them in the news daily. We as a society have a responsibility to answer the questions.

In no way is this an excuse or defense for a person to commit crimes. It is something all should be aware of and take in to account when using these products/programs and for those conducting computer forensic exams. Technology has become click simple in today’s world. You no longer need a master’s degree in computer science to do things over a compute or network. All you need is internet access and the will to watch YouTube videos. Crimes happen quickly but justice happens slowly.

My home telephone is now VoIP and is no longer through a hard line. Does this mean that I can capture all packets and piece the conversations of others back together? Yes there is a free tool that does this for you and no you do not need to attend a class on how to use it, just YouTube.

There is so much out there today that supposedly makes our lives easier but yet there is an underground growing on the back of the technology, that most are unaware of. Most just take for granted that because a company built the tool or program it is good, not knowing the double edged sword they hold.

What about our kids? We hand them these swords not knowing how they can easily be twisted to manipulate our kids once a predator gets on the inside of the proverbial firewall.

It is so easy a kid could do it….

Kid hacks Fox News


Hacking WiFi with an Android App

Again this is to make people aware of what they have in their homes, hands, and they give to their kids. We must learn to protect ourselves as well as our kids. You ask HOW? You have taken the first step by reading this article. Now go and research further on how to protect yourself and family in this digital world. Do not just sit there saying to yourself “I don’t do anything wrong, so why should I care?”. It may not be you or your kid doing something wrong but someone else.

Thank you for stopping by and spending time with us here on LoveMyTool.



Author - Emory Mullis has been in Law Enforcement for roughly 19 years including military and civilian law enforcement. He started learning about computers back when Gateway 266 MHz was the top of the line and cost about $2000.00.Right out the box, I was compelled to take my new found 266 apart. Why I have no idea other than pure curiosity. Once I had the computer out the box and on the floor in pieces, my wife walked in. Trust me people; this was not a good thing! Either way I got a good understanding at this point on how a computer is put together and / or the components inside. This was my starting point with computers and I still hear my wife in the back ground “It better work when you put it back together!” That was my humble beginnings as a Cyber Investigator. Now with many Cyber cases under my belt, I have learned that you must question, challenge and test almost daily to keep up with all the new tools, software, computers and cell phone formats to be able to forensically acquire evidence and it is a real challenge. I enjoy the challenge and look forward to learning more every day!