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How A Wireless Issue Looks Like a Wired Issue (by Tony Fortunato)

Sounds like a familar tune; Client calls the help desk and complains that 'everything is slow'.

The network folks check the client switch port and find no errors.  They access the same application/server with no issues. Then the IT folks comment how this guys is always calling him and it must be just him.

I overheard this and asked if I can help since I'm there already.  They give me the 30 second review as to what they did and what they found.  I explained that I could find fault in anything they did and agree that things look just fine.

Then I ask if anyone has physicaly gone over to check things out, to which they replied, "Nope". I then suggest we go for 'a walk' to further investiagte.  In this case the client was only one floor down, so goign over wasnt a big time waster.

When we got there we double checked everything we checked before and validated which port, switch, vlan and client IP. Then I checked the Advanced -> Bindings configuration and noticed that the LAN adapter was second and should be first.  I simply rearranged the bindings and everything sped up and the client was happy.

The customer went back and found that the bindings order we found was a default in their 'standard build or image' and are taking steps to push the required changes across the board.



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