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Sharkfest 2013 - Capture Limit of a Laptop, When does it Drop Packets? (by Chris Greer)

Sharkfest 2013 - Trace File Sanitization NG (by Jasper Bongertz)

This session was recorded at Sharkfest 2013 - UC Berkeley, CA

PCAPng is the new default capture file format, and it comes with new challenges when trying to remove sensitive information. Most tools do not support the format yet, and converting pcapng files to pcap to do it isn't helping either. We will take a look at the tools available and compare their functionality.


Jasper Bongertz is a Senior Technical Consultant and started working freelance in 1992 when he began studying computer science at the Technical University of Aachen, before joining Fast Lane GmbH in 2009. In 2013, he joined CASSIDIAN CyberSecurity, focusing on IT security and network forensics. During his time with Fast Lane Jasper created a large training portfolio with a special focus on Wireshark. Jasper is certified Sniffer Certified Professional (SCP), VMware Certified Professional (VCP3/4/5) and VMware Certified Instructor (VCI).