Old School (by Paul W. Smith)
Editing Tracefiles With TraceWrangler (by Tony Fortunato)

Baselining Dropbox With Wireshark (by Tony Fortunato)

I seem to get a lot of interest on performing a baseline or application analysis. Specifically I was asked by a viewer to show how to baseline Dropbox.

Not to sound too much like a consultant, but every app, on every network is entirely different. You might have a standard Cisco  switch, but trust me, there is no such thing as a standard config.

In the video below I show how to go about or the framework of a baseline.  I illustrate how to use a protocol analyzer, (Wireshark in this example) and what to look for when performing a baseline.

Believe it or not but sometimes providing a baseline does more harm than good since some people may expect to see my findings on their network and would get confused.





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