The Monkey in My Garden (by Paul W. Smith)
Open Source Parenting (by Anna and Mark Townsend)

Can You Hear Me Now? (by Tony Fortunato)

I was working on site the other day and heard the typical WiFi complaints:

  • I can see the network, but can't get on
  • Why can I get on the WiFi network with my laptop, but not my smartphone
  • My Wifi connection only gets dropped on my smartphone or tablet, not my laptop.

In Wifi testing and design there are a few concepts that I've seen left out and want to review.

The idea is actually fairly straight forward;

  • just because you can get on a WiFi network with a laptop, there is no gaurantee you can do the same with a cell phone, or tablet.
  • just because you can get a good signal reading from your wireless device doesnt mean the AP hears you the same way.
To demonstrate this, I created a simple test by putting an Acess Point about 30 feet away, behind a drywall wall and recorded how well the devices hear the signal and how well the Access Point heard the devices.