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My Switch is Giving Me The Cold Solder (by Tony Fortunato)

I purchased a used Cisco 2940 switch a while back for my lab for $50 from EBAY.

I'm sure you've heard me mention this switch in the past and I have several of them in the lab.

I really like these Cisco switches for the following reasons:

  • uses Cisco IOS so I can telnet, etc
  • nice compact size for when I need to take it along
  • fanless
  • can span or mirror ports
  • has 1 Gb copper uplink port and 8 X 10/100 Mb ports 
  • SNMP support for the network management applications that I'm testing

While using the switch, I noticed the power would intermittently cut out.  At first I thought, "What do expect for a used switch" and would simply jiggle the power cable to get it going again.

One day I got fed up playing the jiggle game and had some time to kill during a conference call, so I took the switch apart.

To my surprise it looked like a simple case of a cold solder.  After warming up the old soldering iron, I re-soldered the 3 power pins and viola, good as new.

Check out the solder points;


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