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Baselining A Smart Phone Using Wireshark (by Tony Fortunato)

I had a client the other day wonder how Android, Iphone and other smart devices behave on a wiFi network.  His concerns revolve around the proposed corporate Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiative and how these devices would 'behave' on a wireless network.

I commended him on his proactive stance and was then asked, "Great, now how do I do it?".  I explained that depending on your Wifi Card/Driver, you might not see the Smartphone on the WiFi network, and I would want to see the 'real WiFi' traffic in the air.  You know the stuff we take for granted, like Beacons, Probes, etc...

So I popped in my AirPcap USB adapter, set up a test AP with no encryption (to make easier for me) and my Samsung Google NExus S smartphone.  I simply turned my phone on while capturing all the WiFi traffic on the channel that the AP was using.

In this Video, I go over some of the inital and basic observations one would make when looking at a boto up baseline.



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