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If you see my regular articles or videos, you will probably know that I’m a big fan of being able to measure my throughput.

At the end of the day, most people measure a network’s health by its performance.

For example, your client doesn’t care about terms like AP density, RSSI, SNR EIRP, blah blahhhhhh.  They want to know ‘how fast is it?’. After a network upgrade most people want to see a noticeable difference in their response time.

This is where throughput comes in.  If you told your client that their throughput was 10Mbps and now its 45 Mbps, it would mean something.  If you were to say that their application load time will go from 35 seconds to 5 seconds, that would surely mean something.

These are basic examples where I use pathtest, iperf or other utilities to measure performance. One of my biggest complaints is that many of these utilities don’t have a log or a scheduler.

Of course I can use any one of the hundreds of schedulers available and can redirect the output t a text file, but that’s just a pain.

You can imagine my surprise when I found this neat little windows utility that will run ping, upload, download and jitter tests to whatever server you want.  It even comes with a upload/download server preconfigured.

Check it out, I think you will find it helpful.


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