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Measure Your Virtual Machine Performance (by Tony Fortunato)

Now that 1 Gb connections to your clients are becoming standard and Virtual Machines (VM) are being deployed for all sorts of good reasons, I believe this excercise is quite helpful.

Many times I ask customers if they think a VM will perform the same as their native PC.  The answer is usually 'no way' or 'of course not'. 

Then I ask what kind of speed do you think your VM will get compared to their native PC? 

When their answer starts with 'it should be' or 'I think it is...' I translate that to mean, 'I DONT KNOW'.

I then ask them if they ever performed a simple 'iperf' test within their native PC and then within their PC VM, or within their servers?  The look on their face is a dead give away that they haven't.

I'm not implying or saying you will get the same performance results as I did, I'm just asking you to measure yours.

Here's an example of me using iperf to measure performance with my Virtual machine.



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