Using DD-WRT for Work (by Tony Fortunato)
From March Madness to April Apathy (by Paul W. Smith)

Using Wireshark to Validate Your Configs (by Tony Fortunato)

I can't count how many times I make a change in a router, switch or PC, only to find the change did not 'take'.

In this example is use a Linksys/Cisco Webcam as an example where I disable UPnP, reboot the camera, only to find that it is still being transmitted.

I make it a point to see what protocols are being transmitted, and then go back to the device and remove all the services or configuration parameters.  This usually results in a reduction with the number of broadcast and multicast packets.

In many cases these network devices reconfiguration excercises result in devices running more effeciently and reducing and intermittant or performance issues.