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Capturing using Wireshark's tshark and Autostop Option (by Tony Fortunato)

I love using this feature for either a desktop shortcut or via a scheduled even.

For example, if I am troubleshooting alone, I use tshark and a scheduler to capture a 30 minute capture at 3 am. 

Other times, I may need someone to start a capture while I go to another location of the network to start another one.  In this example I want the capture to run a specific way, with specific filters, etc..  So putting a tshark command as a shortcut for the analyst assisting me.

If this video gets some attention, I will use this as the begining of several videos demonstrating vaious tshark options.

Here is a video showing you the basics - a capture with an autostop time paramater, saving your packets to a file.