Baselining Bad News (by Tony Fortunato)
New Free Tool - Permissions Analyzer (by Josh Stephens)

Thanks For The Challenge HP (by Tony Fortunato)

After purchasing a Network HP All In One and installing the software from the accompanying CD, my laptop started crawling like maple syrup in the middle of the winter (Canadian humor).I also noticed when I was teaching last week, my laptop continually spit these SNMP Get requests out even though the printer was not reachable.

Of course I did what every confused tech does; I Googled around only to find that this is more common than you would think. OK, now I'm ticked...

I started a capture to see if there are any packet clues on the wire. I immediately saw SNMP packets from my IP address to my printer.

Image 1
Then I used the IO Graphs to visually see how many packets are flying around;

Image 2

25 Packets spikes don’t seem like much does it? On an Ethernet connected PC on a LAN, its not, but when you start overlaying this on top or your existing application traffic multiplied by your users via Wifi, things start to pile up pretty quickly.

This may explain why my WiFi VOIP soft phone calls started getting choppy all of sudden.

I found several ideas online and wanted to figure out which one fixes this issue. I find it hard to believe that you had to make all the suggested changes to fix this.

1. Disable SNMP Status Enabled in your Printer Properties-> Configure Port
This didn’t stop the SNMP requests

2. Take printers offline
This didn’t stop the SNMP requests

3. Take HP Digital Imaging Monitor out of my Startup
This didn’t stop the SNMP requests

4. Stop the HP CUE Device Discovery service
This didn’t stop the SNMP requests

5. Stop the HP Network Devices Support service
As you can the SNMP NOISE has dropped off considerably.

Image 3

After reviewing the trace I can see that the SNMP requests are now going out every 10 seconds and fewer of them.

Image 4

The good news is that stopping those other services, has restored my laptop to its previous performance level.  WOO HOO..

Why HP would want to send all this constant SNMP chatter over the air has me stumped. Its just a printer guys. I haven't seen network monitoring software poll switches this aggressively.

And I thought this was going to be a quiet afternoon ;b