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A great way to stop giving your important data to Keyloggers!

NetworkIntercept_01 I recently was introduced to Christopher Ciabarra, CEO of Network Intercept and he told me about his latest tool to stop Keylogger hacking of your personal data!.

Network Intercept has a new software program (Keystroke Interference) that interferers with the most common Keyloggers and prevents your sensitive login and password information from being sent to the Keylogger host site.

When you type something like a password using IE or FireFox or any browser the data is held in the Microsoft keyboard buffer. When you close the browser the Keylogger software gathers up your personal information and sends it to the data thief.

Why should I worry about a Keylogger?

"In 2009, 89 percent of threats to confidential information exported user data and 86 percent had a keystroke-logging component; these are increases from 78 percent and 76 percent, respectively, in 2008."

Keyloggers are increasing rapidly and are the number one threat on the internet. Users and businesses are unknowingly losing their data though these hacks. Demonstrated below is a keylogger stealing Chris’s information while logging into the Bank of America website.

See the original report here.

Picture 1 – Entering info – and storage in buffer!

See how the Keyboard buffer holds a copy of your private information, above?

Now the same exercise below but with Keystroke Interference loaded we still see the keylogger captures the data but this time Keystroke Interference injects random data between each keystroke pressed which confuse keyloggers making any information leaving your computer encrypted and therefore unhackable.    In the end you can see the hackers still receives the data but what they get in rendered useless by Keystroke Interference.

Picture 2 – Shows your keyboard data being scrambled to prevent disclosure!

You will also see in the bottom right hand corner all the encrypted keystrokes going by as you type on the screen.  These are replacing the real data you typed in! If a Keylogger is in place, there are several types, they will receive the corrupted, not usable data.

Christopher, the CEO of Network Intercept, has said that there are about 16 common Keyloggers and even his free version for IE block at least 10 of them. This is a great free offer!

Network Intercept has several other protection products you should check out.

The Keystroke Interference software even has a built in screen keyboard that allows you to enter critical information without it being stored in the Microsoft keyboard buffer!

The free tool that you can get for IE will even show you how it dynamically distorts or interferes with the keyboard buffer as you type in a password or anything while you are browsing.

If you want to use the product for more than IE than you have to license. The regular price is $29.99 but if you are a Lovemytool reader the price is only $24.99 if you register and pay through this exclusive link.

This link will be good for only 30 days so check it out and save $5.00 if you wish to upgrade to the full product.

I have added this software to every computer I have.

Give it a try – It is free and really works!

I hope this helps you in protecting your private information and proves to be a help in your day to day efforts to protect your all important data.

I wish you all Great Success with Less Stress. – The Oldcommguy®

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