OSTU - Scripting with Tshark: Part 2 (by Sake Blok)
Evolution of the Internet (by Dr. Larry Roberts)

SSL Troubleshooting with Wireshark and Tshark (by Sake Blok)

Sake_blokIon_ipSpeaker Profile - Sake Blok, a Wireshark/Ethereal devotee since 1999, works as a Research & Development Engineer for ion-ip in the Netherlands. His company provides solutions to customers who want to deliver their applications to users in a fast, secure, efficient and scalable manner. Sake's main focus is to take new products for a spin in their test environment, design custom solutions for customers and troubleshoot the problems customers might encounter while using ion-ip solutions. Two years ago (2006), Sake started to add the functionality he was missing to Wireshark. He also started to fix Wireshark-bugs that were reported on Bugzilla. This work on Wireshark resulted in an invitation from Gerald Combs to join the Wireshark Core Development Team in 2007.

Editor's Note - This tutorial on SSL troubleshooting was presented at the 2009 Sharkfest Wireshark Developer and User Conference at Stanford University. Please right click here to download a copy of the PowerPoint presentation to follow along with the video. In the first half of the recording, I originally had a different video editing scheme in mind and did not show the screen, thereby making it difficult for the readers to synchronize with the PowerPoint. Please accept my apology.

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