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Tim_oneillEditor Profile - Tim O’Neill is an independent technology consultant. He has over 30 years experience working in the WAN, Analog, ISDN, ATM and LAN test market. Tim has worked with companies like Navtel, Network General, Ganymede and ClearSight Networks and is now helping companies get lab recognition and technology verification. Tim is also the Chief Contributing Editor for LoveMyTool.com, a website designed to help network managers gain access to valuable information and real solution stories from other customers. Tim is a patent holding, published and degreed engineer, who has seen this technology grow from Teletype (current loop) data analysis to today’s 10 Gigabit LAN’s focused on business applications with heavy compliance demands. Tim can be reached at oldcommguy (at) bellsouth (dot) net.

When my friend Hartmut Marschall moved to Atlanta he had in mind exactly what Jim Bailey of Cahaba Data had (see previous "Rising Above" article), which was to find a market niche and prosper by performing a uniquely great job in serving his customers. Hartmut studied the opportunities and found an incredible niche, leveraging his previous experience with high-end network technology. His company is called ADH Communications.


Hartmut's company focuses primarily on the municipalities of the Southeast, mainly the mid to small arena. After studying their needs he came up with some specialties within that arena. Hartmut saw large openings in the Fiber-to-the-Home, video surveillance, small ISP’s and central facilities for the municipality market as well as supporting some of the more major ISP’s in the area.

Hartmut decided to develop and offer some unique services as well - when a client calls, he researches their exact needs, finds the best solution, and gives them a full quote from design, evaluation of design, installation, testing/verification, training and ongoing support. This has played well with the communities he is working with and since then he has offerings from cable in bulk (fiber and copper), fiber jumpers, distribution equipment, central office equipment (cabinets to UPS), monitoring and analysis equipment (fiber, data) and design, service and full technical support.

The clients of ADH really enjoy the honesty and support given to them by Hartmut and his team.

"I first met Hartmut by chance over 3 years ago. I have been doing business with him ever since. He has the ability to get any product or tool that I need. Couple that with his excellent pricing, and his unwavering honesty and integrity, and I have my preferred vendor for life. Hartmut has become more than just a vendor; he is a trusted friend. I highly recommend ADH to anyone in the telecommunications industry, and I encourage all to see what a true total-source telecom vendor is all about."

-- Mark Ogletree, 15 year veteran of the CATV and FTTH industry

ADH Communications recently announced a partnership with Chi-Metrix and Tom Tosh, their Senior Analyst for the top network design, training and analyst team in the SouthEast region, who says the following.

“What impresses me most about Hartmut Marschall’s approach to the business is the value he puts on maintaining direct personal contact with each of his clients. So much so that he has consciously limited expanding his business to areas where he can’t provide the level of relationship that is so important to him.”

ADH Communications has just opened their web store and is currently handling products from industry leaders such as Network Critical’s (SMART access and filterable technology), ZJOptics (leading manufacturer of a complete fiber optic line), Adtran, Shaxon Industries, SonicWall and TrippLite. ADH is a registered Dell and Cisco partner.

The name ADH comes from the initials of Hartmut's family and reminds him that he came to the US with 2 children, his wife, 10 cardboard boxes and 2 suitcases. Hartmut and his family are now proud U.S. citizens. In summary, Hartmut’s success is due to his hard work and a single minded focus and commitment toward his customers in a prosperous niche market. For that, I salute him and elect to showcase his company on our "Rising Above ... America TECH Heroes" series.

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