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LMTV LIVE | ExtraHop Platform v6.0 (with Colin Walker and Nick Brackney)

YouTube LIVE: Wednesday, September 21, 2016 - 9:30 AM PST

Extrahop_170x200This week we will be speaking with Colin Walker (technical marketing engineer) and Nick Brackney (product marketing manager) at ExtraHop.

Specifically, Colin and Nick will discuss the new ExtraHop Platform v6.0, which makes existing wire data and performance systems obsolete by empowering IT with features to unearth the source of IT issues - including security - within 5 clicks.

While there are numerous competitive tools in the wire data, NPM, and APM ecosystem, our special guests will discuss how ExtraHop differentiates itself from the pack. The two technical experts will discuss which use cases and verticals are best suited for the ExtraHop Platform, and provide real-world customer stories.

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LMTV Basics | Fundamentals of TCP/IP #6: Application Performance over the WAN (by DC Palter)

Apposite-170x200The ongoing attack on Delta Airlines once again reminds that we live in precarious time. Our lives can be easily disturbed by network failures, either self-imposed or externally impacted.

DC_PalterThe contributors to LoveMyTool are networking experts and it never ceases to amaze us that how some of these catastrophes can be avoided with just a few simple hygienic preventive measures. At the same time, it motivates to double down our tireless effort to raise the knowledge base and awareness of our community.

Starting today, we will repackage all our future LMTV episodes under three umbrellas, LMTV Basics, LMTV HomeLAN and LMTV Live.

In this episode of LMTV Basics, continuing our series on TCP/IP, +DC Palter of +Apposite Technologies will look in depth at the issue of application performance over the WAN and various ways to overcome performance limitations.

LMTV Live Demo | Universal Network Observation with ExtraHop (by Colin Walker)

Extrahop_170x200ExtraHop 5.0 delivers turnkey stream analytics for wire data, enabling organizations to automatically discover devices, systems, and their relationships; observe and measure their behavior; and explore this data to unlock powerful, cross-domain insights that extend across the business.

Colin-Walker-at-ExtraHopIn this demo, Colin Walker, Sr. Technical Marketing Engineer at ExtraHop and head of the ExtraHop User Community, will demonstrate how core functionality introduced in 5.0 -- including the new Explore Search Appliance, Open Data Stream for Kafka, and Universal Observation Capability -- deliver powerful insights for diverse use cases like security and real-user monitoring. 

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LMTV TribeLab | Live Demo of TraceMatcher (by Paul Offord)

Live Event Time: Wednesday, November 25, 2015 - 9:30 AM PST

LMTV TribeLabPaul offordEven with a good knowledge of Wireshark and packet analysis, the matching of packets captured from multiple points across a network is challenging and time consuming.

The TribeLab team has been working on a tool to help.

In this week's show +Paul Offord will demo an early version of the TribeLab TraceMatcher tool, and lays out the development road map.

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LMTV Live Demo | Five Key Monitoring Requirements for Modern Networks (with Ulrica de Fort-Menares)

Live Event Time: Thursday, November 12th, 2015 - 9:30 AM PST

UlricaLMTV LiveAction Free Tool-170x200In this week's show, Ulrica de Fort-Menares, VP Product Strategy of LiveAction discussed how the changing landscape of application deployments (from on-prem to cloud and SaaS providers) is making it difficult for network managers to understand how the network they do manage, and the network they don’t manage is impacting user experience of these applications. Additionally, she’ll demonstrate LiveAction’s latest release of LiveUX.

Ulrica de Fort-Menares is the Vice President of Product Strategy at LiveAction. Ulrica is responsible for the vision, strategy, partnerships and execution of the LiveAction product portfolio. She has over 20 years of experience in the networking industry and is the holder of 7 patents in networking technologies. Prior to joining LiveAction, Ulrica was the Director of Product management at Cisco Systems where she has held various leadership positions in product management and software development.  

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