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LMTV Interop | Interviewing Tim Titus of PathSolutions (Live from the Belly of the Beast)

Live Event Time: Friday, April 24, 2015 - 9:30 AM PST

Interop_170x200If Interop is for the geeks, then InteropNet is for the uber-geeks.

In the past, here at LoveMyTool, we have talked a great deal about InteropNet, the mission critical network that runs the show floor as well as supporting all the peripheral functions including classes and live demos.

Tim-outside-officesThis Friday we will interview Tim Titus, CTO and co-founder of PathSolutions, an InteropNet partner.

Tim will come to us live from inside the NOC which hopefully will be fully operational by then (three days before showtime). Tim will be sharing with us his experiences at Hot Stage and the network troubleshooting he did, and the technical challenges he and his fellow team members will be confronted before, during and after Interop.

Don't miss this live event.

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Live Demo @ LMTV | JDSU's Observer Platform (by Bill Naylor)

Event Time - Wednesday, January 7th, 2015 - 9:30 AM PST

Networkinstruments-logoNetwork_instruments-170x200JDSU (aka Network Instruments) has recently introduced Observer Management Platform which is touted as an easy-to-use dashboard for deep-dive network analytics. Bill Naylor who is a Sales Engineering Manager for JDSU (Network Instruments) will demonstrate the power and analytics intelligence of the latest Observer Platform solution in quantifying enterprise-wide service status and health.

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Live Demo @ LMTV | Visual TruView from Fluke Networks (by Zack Belcher)

Flluke170x200Assessing and managing the VoIP network presents an entirely unique challenge from monitoring traditional data applications. As an example, there is a significant difference between an email taking 15 seconds to be sent and a garbled VoIP phone conversation.

Common challenges include:

  • Managing an infrastructure where VoIP can live with other applications harmoniously, is challenging at best without full visibility into the performance of both with the goal of optimizing the end-user experience.
  • Identifying not just when, but where, VoIP degradations are occurring.
  • Traditional VoIP monitoring tools rely on endpoints to report call quality—limiting troubleshooting effectiveness right from the start.
In this week's episode of LMTV, +Zack Belcher of +Fluke Networks and the other editors of LoveMyTool discussed these challenges and methods to overcome them, including a demonstration of Fluke Networks’ Visual TruView, the easiest to use VoIP quality of experience monitoring in the industry.

ZackZack Belcher is a product manager with Fluke Networks and has worked in network and application performance monitoring for over 8 years, across multiple vendors in the industry. He holds bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from Schaefer School of Engineering and Science at Stevens Institute of Technology. Zack resides in Austin, Texas.

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LMTV Weekly Tech Forum (WTF) with Paul Offord

Advance7_logo_170This week our special host was +Paul Offord who founded Advance7.com which coincidentally is celebrating its 25 year anniversary. In this week's WTF Paul outlined Advance7's unique approach to end-to-end system performance troubleshooting and why he and his colleagues had taken this route.

For an overview of the methodical approach to diagnose recurring grey problems using the RPR (rapid problem resolution) problem diagnosis method, click here for the white paper.

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LMTV Interview | Gerald Combs, Mr. Wireshark

GeraldToday we interviewed a man who needs no introduction.

+Gerald Combs is Mr. Wireshark.

From the original project that started almost two decades ago as Ethereal, Gerald has been leading the development of the Open Source packet sniffer that has become the standard tool for all network engineers.

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See you all at Sharkfest.

Analyze VoFi With WildPackets (by Jay Botelho)

With all the hype around gigabit wireless - 802.11ac (scheduled for ratification in early 2014) and 802.11ad (ratified December 2012), the delivery of new services like Voice over Wireless (VoFi) is sure to grow in popularity, not only for consumers, but in the enterprise as well. Handing a few simultaneous calls on a home network is not much of a challenge, but handling 10 – 50 simultaneous calls per AP in an enterprise setting, all while continuing to deliver wireless data feeding ever-more-demanding applications, is most certainly a challenge, hence the limited deployment so far. But with much faster wireless network speeds just around the corner, services like VoFi are ready for primetime.

VoFi can provide a real benefit in the workplace, especially in highly mobile environments buried deep inside buildings, like hospitals, warehouses, and customer service in large box stores. To serve mobile workers today, these industries often use cellular technology, but coverage issues within these facilities significantly reduce call quality, not to mention the cost of service for each cell phone. With VoFi, APs can be placed to ensure optimum call quality throughout the facility, reducing dropped calls and significantly increasing customer satisfaction. And all this for a fixed cost, just the handsets and the APs, with no additional monthly charges.

Whether or not your organization has picked up on the VoFi trend yet, gigabit wireless will be the enabler for many organizations to jump on board. Below are suggested steps for network monitoring and analysis with VoFi, so you can be ready when the time comes.

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