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On Second Thought... (by Paul W. Smith)

The ThinkerMy first thought is usually one I’ve shamelessly filched from someone else, a tidbit of conventional wisdom that hijacks my brain immediately after a problem presents itself.  I envy people who can respond to the challenge of a difficult decision by saying “Let me sleep on it.”  Some may see this as procrastination in disguise, but I view it as a sign of superior mind control and emotional balance.  It offers the possibility that no short cuts will be taken and serious, thoughtful consideration will be given to the matter.

For folks like me who prefer the Easy Button, Malcolm Gladwell provided a much-needed defense.  In his bestseller Blink, he introduces people in wide ranging professions who can make brilliant decisions nearly instantly.  Why waste time mentally grinding down a problem when the first idea that pops to mind is probably the best?

Unfortunately, Malcolm also notes that most people are hopelessly inept at these snap judgments.  As he explains it, quick thinkers are good at plucking out the few key factors that really matter while the rest of us are semi-paralyzed by the overwhelming number of choices that life presents.  It’s much easier to choose between pizza and Chinese food for dinner than it is to decide “where we should eat?”

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5 Ways to Improve Your Brand Reputation Management ( by John Gumas)

5 Ways to Improve Your Brand Reputation Management

You only get one chance at making a good impression. And you never know who’s seeking you out for the first time.

Make your Brand

If there’s even one bad review on the Internet, it might be enough to convince someone on the fence to check out a different company. Brand reputation management is a major issue for all companies in the digital age, and it’s a responsibility that never ends. Therefore, your best approach is to get in front of any potential issues regarding your brand so that people will never have anything but the best impression of your business. Here are some tactics you can employ that will help you to keep your online reputation at a high level, both now and in the future.

  • Define your approach
  • Stay on top of Social Media
  • Use an SEO
  • Respond to Reviews
  • Focus on Great Content


Get the Details on 5 Ways to Improve Your Brand Reputation - Read on - 


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Common SSL certificate errors and how to fix them (by Dan Radak)

Common SSL certificate errors and how to fix them by Dan Radak

SSL certificates provide a wide range of benefits to website owners, security being the prime among them. Like software products, SSL certificates are also issued by separate vendors who follow their own software writing methods and processes. SSL certificates from different Certificate Authorities might behave differently under various circumstances.

SSL helps keep data safe from the Web to the end users Browser.


A good SSL tutorial - SSL on YouTube

As a result, it is possible that they throw up errors, some of which first time certificate users may not be able to understand or rectify on their own.

In most cases, these errors could also be warning issued by the certificate to alert the user against system and network compromises that can lead to damage.

In other cases, it could possibly be an internal error which can be easily rectified.

Here are some such common errors related to SSL certificates and how they can set right.

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IoT: Tesla Model S Remote Control (by Jonathan Whiteside, Darrin Roach and Paul Offord)

With the proliferation and expansion of wireless technologies, it is now becoming commonplace for vehicles to be connected to the Internet for numerous reasons, such as website access, telematics and always connected emergency services.

Tesla Motors is very much at the forefront of the ‘Connected Vehicle’ revolution, producing vehicles with ‘always on’ connectivity through 4G LTE and WiFi.  This gives the driver features such as Google Maps navigation, web access and Spotify.


It also allows remote operation features such as climate control and charge port opening/closing, as well as providing an instant view of battery charge levels.  All these features can be readily accessed from a mobile phone app or desktop app on a PC.

The objective of this experiment was ...

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How Convenient (by Paul W. Smith)

Tremont_House _Boston

Things don’t always turn out as promised.    If you’ve ever waited in a long line at a fast food restaurant or searched all over for a convenience store, you know what I mean. 

While it’s true that technology often woos us with bright shiny objects that make us feel special, it also portends to be a key enabler for “progress”, seeking to make our lives more convenient.  Being only human, we often take these conveniences for granted. 

In 1994, when we were living in Santa Barbara with our two young children, my wife and I were awakened one day in the predawn hours by an unmistakable shaking of our home.  My thought was that if the epicenter were very far away, this was probably a big one.  We later learned that the 6.7 magnitude quake was centered near Northridge, California. The damage in the San Fernando Valley was significant, but we were fortunate to suffer only the loss of electrical power, and the inconvenience of having to boil our water for a few days. 

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