5 Ways to Improve Your Brand Reputation Management ( by John Gumas)

5 Ways to Improve Your Brand Reputation Management

You only get one chance at making a good impression. And you never know who’s seeking you out for the first time.

Make your Brand

If there’s even one bad review on the Internet, it might be enough to convince someone on the fence to check out a different company. Brand reputation management is a major issue for all companies in the digital age, and it’s a responsibility that never ends. Therefore, your best approach is to get in front of any potential issues regarding your brand so that people will never have anything but the best impression of your business. Here are some tactics you can employ that will help you to keep your online reputation at a high level, both now and in the future.

  • Define your approach
  • Stay on top of Social Media
  • Use an SEO
  • Respond to Reviews
  • Focus on Great Content


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LMTV LIVE | How to Improve Compliance Activities for IT (with Keith Bromley and Timothy Jones)

Upcoming LMTV Event on How to Improve Compliance Activities for IT


There is a new LMTV event happening on April 11, 2018. Keith Bromley from Keysight Technologies (formerly Ixia) and Wayne Dixon from ForeScout will be talking about how to use network visibility to improve regulatory compliance. While regulatory compliance is an important activity for medium to large businesses, easy and cost-effective solutions can be difficult to find.

Network visibility is an often overlooked, but critically important activity, that can help lower costs and make life easier for IT personnel working on compliance requirements. Solutions like network packet brokers (NPBs) allow you mask sensitive data, perform packet slicing, implement lawful intercept, and discover rogue IT. Purpose-built compliance solutions can also use data filtered by NPBs to perform activities better and also allow IT to demonstrate their regulatory compliance in an easy manner.

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LMTV LIVE | Meet the Ekahau Geeks (with Tony Fortunato and Tim O'Neil)


Join Tony Fortunato and Tim O'Neill Wednesday April 4 at 9:30 Eastern as they interview the geeks from Ekahau (https://www.ekahau.com).

Jerry Olla, Jussi Kiviniemi and Joel Crane will be discussing WiFi tools and common Wifi issues that they see out there. Why is Wi-Fi often so bad? What can we do about it? What does bad, and good Wi-Fi look like?

We will also see live demos of their brand-new Wi-Fi design and troubleshooting hardware and software tools.

As Tim O’Neil says, “WiFi is now an essential part of your corporate network infrastructure! Learn from experts on how to monitor, manage and secure.”

Ekahau upcoming event 

2018 Cisco Geekfest

May 8th - 10th, 2018
Chicago, IL 

Common SSL certificate errors and how to fix them (by Dan Radak)

Common SSL certificate errors and how to fix them by Dan Radak

SSL certificates provide a wide range of benefits to website owners, security being the prime among them. Like software products, SSL certificates are also issued by separate vendors who follow their own software writing methods and processes. SSL certificates from different Certificate Authorities might behave differently under various circumstances.

SSL helps keep data safe from the Web to the end users Browser.


A good SSL tutorial - SSL on YouTube

As a result, it is possible that they throw up errors, some of which first time certificate users may not be able to understand or rectify on their own.

In most cases, these errors could also be warning issued by the certificate to alert the user against system and network compromises that can lead to damage.

In other cases, it could possibly be an internal error which can be easily rectified.

Here are some such common errors related to SSL certificates and how they can set right.

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LMTV LIVE | Troubleshooting Tesla Model S Connectivity (with Jonathan Whiteside, Darrin Roach and Paul Offord)

Tesla Motors is very much at the forefront of the ‘Connected Vehicle’ revolution, producing vehicles with ‘always on’ connectivity through 4G LTE and WiFi. This gives the driver features such as Google Maps navigation, web access and Spotify.

If you had a connectivity issue with a Tesla Model S, how could you troubleshoot it?  Are specialist tools needed or could you just use standard kit?

In this week's session, Jonathan Whiteside and Darrin Roach of Advance7 describe an experiment to learn more about connected vehicle technology by tracing the data flows between a desktop PC app called Tesla Control, the Tesla Cloud Services and a Tesla Model S.  There were some challenges and a couple of surprises.

For more background information, see Jonathan's paper "Tesla Model S Remote Control" on the TribeLab site - https://community.tribelab.com/course/view.php?id=37