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Where is your head? (by Casey Mullis)

Where is your head? Is it where corporate world tells you? What about Big Brother tells you? Get your head out of the cloud and take back control and ownership of your data. Have you read the contracts from big business when you agree to use their free cloud service? What about when you run out of space? Hey, I need more data! Well get ready to start paying! What if we told you that you can setup your ownCloud storage for just pennies? Would you be interested? Well get your head out the cloud and start reading!



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LMTV Sharkfest | Live Interview with Gerald Combs (2015)

Live Event Time: Wednesday, May 27, 2015 - 9:30 AM PST

LMTV SharkfestGerald combsFollowing our success with “LMTV Interop” which was a joint venture between LoveMyTool and UBM, owner of Interop and InformationWeek, we are starting “LMTV Sharkfest” which is a joint venture between LoveMyTool and the Sharkfest organizer, expanding our current partnership since 2008, the first year the WireShark Developer and User Conference was held.

In addition to posting presentation videos captured during Sharkfest, “LMTV Sharkfest” will include LMTV interviews and technical presentations by Sharkfest instructors and sponsors before the show, as well as live interviews with participants during the show.

We will kick off "LMTV Sharkfest" with an interview with +Gerald Combs, the inventor and spiritual godfather of WireShark, a team effort that now involves over 600 individual contributors.

Please join us with this live interview and show our collective appreciation with Q&A.

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What does and does not fit in a Box? (by Casey Mullis)

When you put stuff in a box, it is limited to the space of that box, is it not? We put all kinds of things in boxes like clothes, books, and dishes. What we try to put in boxes that may surprise you, is humans. People do not fit so well in a box. When we do this we put limitations on those people. Why would you want to put any limitations on a person? Some may do it because they are scared you are going to get their job. Others may do it out of vengeance. How about “Greed”, if one can keep another in a box then they can claim everything outside the box for their own. DO NOT let someone put you in a box! The only limitations you face are the ones you set upon yourself. All others in your life brought on by outside source(s), are not limitations but obstacles! Obstacle equals a thing that blocks one's way or prevents or hinders progress. You were built to over come these things!


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LMTV WTF Live | Ever Hear Of A Routing Audit? (by Tony Fortunato)

Live Event Time - Wednesday, May 13, 2015 - 10:00 AM PST

WaldoThis is officially the 305th post on LoveMyTool contributed by +tony fortunato, with the first one published seven years ago and averaging at least one a week.

Tony FortunatoA lot has changed in our industry since 2008, not least of which is the pending acquisition of Fluke Networks by NetScout.

This week LMTV WTF (Where's Tony Fortunato?) will catch up with Tony, hoping to get some perspective and also a chance for him to talk about one of his latest articles, "Ever Hear Of A Routing Audit?"

This is a live event so Tony will be available for Q&A.

Everything you want to know but were afraid to ask, now is the time.

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The following is Tony's Powerpoint presentation.

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LMTV WTF Live | ICMP Redirect (by Tony Fortunato)

Live Event Time - Tuesday, February 17, 2015 - 10:00 AM PST

WaldoThis Tuesday we will continue with our newly started LMTV Pro series with +Tony Fortunato as our co-host.

Tony FortunatoAs many of you know, Tony has been a devoted writer for LoveMyTool and has created over two hundred educational videos on networking (more than one hundred on Wireshark alone).

Another distinguish feature of Tony is that he is always on the move, going from country to country, from city to city, solving networking problems for his clients and teaching network fundamentals to his students.

The idea of WTF (Where is Tony Fortunato?) is that we will try to catch him live and capture his thoughts, talk with him about the latest happenings in the networking world, and then to watch one of his videos together (with fresh complementary from Tony).

This week Tony will feature one of his popular videos on ICMP Redirect

The best part is that you can even participate in the Q&A session and ask some questions.

Please join us and help make this a useful forum for our community.

For more episodes of LMTV, please visit LoveMyTool.TV or Sharkfest.TV.

LMTV Interview | Mama Sharkfest (aka Janice Spampinato)

Event Time: Wednesday, June 4, 2014 - 9:30 am PST

0_5R4EH71d67092wxQbJszHDlQ6uZBaSOQFM2zHDrnJWubAdd6djHQQSkZHG4eSE0Ek4VNFEa4fwawIt has been said that, "Behind every great conference is a great woman". Anyone who has attended Sharkfest knows +Janice Spampinato as the loving and caring mama shark. But few people might know that Janice is also a techie just like the rest of us. Prior to Riverside and CACE, for 16 years, Janice was the Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing at WildPackets, a pioneer in network monitoring. This Wednesday we will interview Janice. She did as promised and spill some beans on the early days of Sharkfest. Also, she shared her experience and expertise in community and brand building with our viewers.

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