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LMTV LIVE | General Data Protection Regulations

Join Tim, Tony October 4th when we’ll speak with Steve Brown, Director of Solutions Marketing, at Viavi Solutions about upcoming EU privacy and security regulations that will any organization that does business  in Europe. We’ll outline the impact of EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) regulations on  network and security teams, clarify the global nature of GDPR regulations, and outline solutions and strategies for ensuring compliance.

When GDPR goes into effect on May 28, 2018, any organization that operates in, or does business in the EU will have just 72 hours to report detected breaches concerning personal information to relevant authorities and impacted parties. In addition to the LMTV discussion, resources can be found at: www.viavisolutions.com/gdpr




Challenger Branding - Set A Goal to Set Goals (by John Gumas)

Set A Goal to Set Goals!

Set A Goal to Set Goals

If you hang around Challenger Brand marketers long enough, you will begin to hear the steady repetition of commonly used phrases, adages and mantras that are designed to remind Challenger Brands to look at their business differently.

Readers of this blog are no strangers to tenets like, “If you try to be too many things to too many people, you end up being nothing to anybody,” or “There are no such things as B2Bs, only H2H (humans-to-human),” and “Speak in terms of benefits, not features.”
Set a goal to set goals

One of our favorite Challenger Brand statements is, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.”

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LMTV LIVE | Application-Centric Infrastructure Monitoring and Analytics (Uila, Inc.)

YouTube LIVE start time: 9:30 AM PST, Wednesday, August 30, 2017

LogoPlease join us this week with representatives from Uila, Inc., to learn about their Application-centric Infrastructure Monitoring and Analytics solution and how it can help IT teams:

• Make applications or business services & the Infrastructure underneath it, run well

• Solve their toughest problems, both known and unknown

• Focus on innovative IT initiatives vs just working to keep the lights on or fighting fires

• Strategize their support for the new business accelerations with the deep knowledge of the existing environment

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A Wi-Fi Router as a Witness Device! (by Daniel Arrugueta)

A Wi-Fi Router as a Witness Device

Note: attached is the full document in .pdf format and is awesome reading for forensic investigators!

Download A WiFi Router as a Witness Device Full Document!

Witnesses often are crucial elements in solving and prosecuting criminal or civil violations.  We now regularly use data that various technologies record. Digital witness devices provide a source of largely unbiased and dependable information to the investigator and prosecutor. However, many often ignore or do not even recognize commonly available electronics as potential witness devices.  One such device is the wireless router found in most homes and businesses.

As with any witness, some sort of vetting and consideration is wise. Reliability, bias, memory, physical abilities, etc., all can be factors that play roles in the use of digital witness devices and the use of their data. Whether you consider data from digital cameras, microphones, cell phones, computers, or Wi-Fi (wireless) routers, you should approach each with an open eye and determine clearly what each actually offers to your investigation. Data typically is reliable; how you interpret and present that data is key to its ultimate usefulness. Criminal radiation

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Network Troubleshooting Through the OSI Model (by Melany Joy Beck)

Network Troubleshooting Through the OSI Model

When it comes to network troubleshooting, working through the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model is a straightforward process. With the exception of Layer 1, each layer of the OSI model relies on the next lower layer to provide services as specified. Requests drop down and are completed, as every layer interacts with the next layer, both above and below. When dealing with different layers, understanding how each delivers data and functions impacts how you will troubleshoot.


Viavi guide to enterprise protocols poster – Get yours today. 

Viavi free osi

Layer Highlights and Functions - A complete view from Layer 1 through Layer 7!

Read on to see each layer overview and more free links below - 


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LMTV LIVE | WiFi Analytics (with John Kerber, CEO of Who's On My WiFi)

YouTube Live Event Start Time : Wednesday, July 26, 2017 - 9:30 AM PST

Screen Shot 2017-07-24 at 10.38.10 AMOn this week's LMTV LIVE, John Kerber, the Technical Co-Founder of Who's On My WiFi will be on the show to discuss WiFi Analytics, privacy in the age of Analytics, and where things are headed with this technology.

Who's On My WiFi is a young, growing company, originally starting primarily in the network security space, but since the last time on the show, has made the transition to a WiFi Analytics company.

What is WiFi Analytics?

WiFi Analytics is a growing field that helps organizations make business decisions about physical locations based on the information already available on a computer network.

As an analogy, Web Analytics companies changed the view of parsing Web Server logs from being an IT Function specifically focused on either security or on website uptime, into more of a marketing or business development function focused on user behavior and increasing engagement that also aids in security or uptime.

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