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The Payoff of having a double sided capture! (by Mike Motta)

The complaint came in that it was taking from 4 to 20 minutes to transfer data.

Why is the network slow?  Is it the network?

Could it be the infamous SNAIL problem?


At first the client sent me a trace only from the client side.  The trace file showed packets out of order and some re-transmissions along with low TCP windows.  I asked the client if it was possible to get a capture from both sides, client and server and the answer was “yes” (In my world that is the best way to eliminate any magic!)  

First: I looked at the server side trace file first.  It showed the server re-transmitting over a thousand times.  (Uh Oh)   

By having both sides I was able to prove that the server did indeed send the packet but the client did not receive it. 

We can also see that they are 5 hops from each other, which means something is dropping packets. 

Next : It is time to interrogate router interfaces and firewall interfaces for discards or drops. 

Watch this Video for the problem visibility process, guiding us to the issue at https://youtu.be/WW0SjeeteK8 

Get a TAP to see every bit of your Data!

Mike-suit-300x300The author - Mike Motta is a well-respected instructor at Network Instruments University, with experience training thousands of people. A veteran of the IT industry, he has been using protocol analyzers on a daily basis for more than 30 years, earning his CNX certification status in 1995, GEDI certification in 2007 and WCNA certification in 2013. A network and application performance expert, Mike is the owner of Motta Network Experts in Kansas City, where he troubleshoots network problems and performs network assessments for corporations throughout North America. Mike enjoys and  knows how to entertain as he trains students, making it easy to retain the information taught in his classes. Mike's extensive theoretical and hands-on knowledge of the Network Instruments products and Wireshark, there is no question too complex to answer. Mike delivers a valuable learning experience and equips his students with lasting real-world skills

LMTV LIVE | Visibility Architectures - Understanding Security Solutions (with Keith Bromley of IXIA and John Jacobs of Fortinet)

Yx_X0tC2Security is top of mind for most IT departments. Once the subject comes up, everyone has their own ideas about what security tools (IPS, IDS, DLP, WAF, etc.) and what defense strategies (black list, white list, defense in depth, etc.) should be put in place. But what about the functionality that enables the security solutions? How do you create the visibility into the network that you need to create a truly adequate security solution? Join us for the final podcast in this Best Practice series to learn about what a visibility architecture is and how you can use it to create your inline and out-of-band network security solutions.

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Website issues for Marketing and Branding (by John Gumas)

Five Quick Tips to Quality Challenger Webpage 

You’ve got a great website. It’s beautiful. Lots of compelling photos of hip people engaging with your product.

Warm, soothing colors that speaks to your brand’s mission to improve your customers’ lives. Modern, legible fonts that say, “we’re smart, innovative and trustworthy.” So, what’s the problem?

Your bounce rate is lunar and your conversion rate is sub-atomic. A gorgeous, expensive website that glorifies your product, but visitors aren’t responding ?

So what gives?

You’ve got a conversion problem, my friend.

A common Challenger Brand malady that is easily treated and requires minimal recovery time.

Here are five tips to improving your critical conversion rate:

1) Goal Clarity– What do you want your visitor to do? You’ve only got time to ask your prospect to do one thing when they visit your site; what’s it going to be? Watch a video? Schedule a tour? Talk to a representative? Learn more? Fill out a contact form? Pick one and use your most premium real estate, the homepage above the fold, to direct your prospect to that action.

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Give me PACKETS!! (by Mike Canney)

Give me Packets!

I have been troubleshooting “network” problems for over two decades.  From mom and pop small businesses to Fortune 10.  Literally thousands of companies.  As far as tools go, I’ve used just about all of them.  From the Network General Sniffer, Novell LanAlyzer, Optimal’s Application Expert/Vantage, Compuware Ecoscope, Cinco NetXray to Wireshark and back.  

You would be hard pressed to find something that is somewhat mainstream that analyzes packets that I haven't used to find and solve network and application issues. Flower issueI’ve have also used the majority of the popular APM/NPM tools on the market for monitoring Network and Application Performance (I won’t list them).  The one thing in common is that they’ve all been useful in their own right.  Understanding at a high level of what traffic is on the network and an inclining of ‘potential’ application performance issues. 


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LMTV LIVE | Visibility Architectures - Understanding NPM and APM (with Keith Bromley of IXIA and Jason Suss of Dynatrace)

YouTube Live Event starts at 9:00 AM PST, Wednesday, March 3, 2017

Yx_X0tC2Most everyone in IT has heard about network performance monitoring (NPM) and application performance monitoring (APM). But what are the real benefits? For instance, what kind of information do I really get and is it worth the investment? Also, what about the complexity involved with these types of solutions? Join us for the third of several discussions to learn what a visibility architecture is, the real benefits of NPM and APM, and how you can optimize your network to take advantage of these solutions.

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Intellectual Laziness: Commonsense Nonsense! (by Bahaa Moukadam)

 Intellectual Laziness: Commonsense Nonsense!

...Insights for "Real Results and Rewarding RelationshipsTM"

Exhausted at the end of another busy day, we sometimes deserve to flop on our favorite couch with our remote control and take in some TV. We deserve to occasionally be physically lazy.

Of a bigger concern, the seemingly increasing phenomena of "Intellectual Laziness". It is much less intellectually taxing to quickly accept what appears to be common wisdom. There is no shortage of folks that are ready to espouse a "commonsense" statement to make a point. And since it is often something you may have heard before (probably many times) you accept it at face value.

Should you?

Let's take a look at a couple of these: "Knowledge is power". While this may have been true in the industrial era, is it true today? Or, is knowledge abundant and readily and broadly available? Mere knowledge is no longer power.

Applying knowledge to specific and useful purposes can be a powerful force for good. "A dollar saved is a dollar earned". This must have been before there was an income tax. "A dollar saved is a dollar, a dollar earned is about 60 cents or so depending on your tax bracket" is more like it.

Commonsense statements are usually well intentioned; to urge you to gain knowledge and to be frugal in the two examples above. However, resist the temptation to just accept them because they very well be totally irrelevant or just plain wrong. Drop me an email and let me know of any other Commonsense Nonsense you would like to share?

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BahaaBahaa Moukadam is a former Silicon Valley CEO with an
extensive track record of success. He led three for three
successful turnarounds in high tech including one as the
CEO of a Silicon Valley company. As a leader in three
hyper-growth situations, he achieved explosive revenue
growth from $0-$40M in 5 years; $60M to $173M in 3 years,
and $0-$10M in one year. Bahaa is a Certified Gazelles
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