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LMTV WTF | Who Protects your Data when Renting a Car (by Tony Fortunato)

YouTube LIVE Event: October 5, 2016 - 9:30 AM PST

WaldoThis week, Tony Fortunato will talk about his rental car data experience.

How much information do you leave behind after your rental?


We are all concerned about protecting our personal information.

Tony FortunatoWe have all heard of various events where servers are hacked, peoples computers or phones get hacked, etc..

In this episode, Tony will discuss various examples where you unknowingly leave your personal, private data in the equipment of other people or companies. Tony recently wrote an article sharing his personal experience with a car rental when he was on the road.

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LMTV LIVE | Cyber Security for SCADA Networks (with David Thomason of Thomason Technologies)

Live Event: Wednesday, August 3, 2016 - 9:30 AM PST

416939We will be talking with David Thomason this week, who is the Founder and President of Thomason Technologies, a cyber security company located in San Antonio, TX and since 2007, has been providing solutions for both traditional as well as SCADA (industrial control) networks.

Historically, security products have been viewed as difficult to use and expensive hindrances to workplace productivity. Management cringed at the thought of security products slowing their networks to a crawl and bogging down the flow of information. These limitations are no longer true, as you will learn from David this week.

David-Head-shot-1024x805Prior to founding Thomason Tech, David, was the Senior Director of Security Engineering at Sourcefire, leading a team of over 25 security engineers and consultants. David started his career in computer security in 1986, working in the United States Air Force, serving Electronic Security Command, the Air Intelligence Agency, the Air Force Information Warfare Center (AFIWC) and the Air Force Computer Emergency Response Team (AFCERT).

While working as an incident response team lead for the AFCERT, David was the first person to have three hackers apprehended in separate security incidents. Since then, David has provided security services including security deployments, incident response, risk assessments, penetration tests, and vulnerability assessments for well over 100 companies.

Apple, Apple, Apple! Apple versus the United States FBI! (by The Oldcommguy®)

Apple, Apple, Apple!

The silly battle of Apple versus the United States Courts and the FBI!

In my humble opinion this has turned out to be one of Apple’s greatest marketing events in years, maybe forever.

Apple is trying to tell its users that Apple will protect their privacy from the big bad FBI and other Governmental access!

The reality is that all this should never have gotten into the news world. Apple is a U.S. company and should have been a good citizen and quietly told the FBI to send the phone and they would quietly get the information for them. This is NOT just any person’s phone – first it is the phone of a dead individual and secondly it is the phone of a terrorist and third it is the phone of a murderer that could be filled with intelligence that may help stop the next deadly attack!

This big media event is nothing but a big market show from Apple and it is getting a lot of silly attention, what for? I wonder how many people will now decide to buy Apple products, I am sure the terrorists will, but is that a good market? Apple enjoys the freedom to make billions as a U.S. company but when it came time to be a good citizen they decided to be a bunch of hypocrites and actors in a fictitious marketing event!

Bad worm w pointerApple do not be a bad worm with a Great Technology!


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Teens Are Finding New Ways to Hide Photos and Texts from Parents (by Rob Schroader)

Teens are very creative in hiding what they are doing on with their digital devices - iPhone or Android!

Mobile phones and tablets has become the primary way teenagers connect to the internet and communicate with each other. And it goes way beyond text messaging. Kids are even moving away from Facebook since they see it as their parents’ social media tool. Now it’s about apps, apps, apps. Snapchat is still quite popular but almost every parent knows about it and tries to monitor it the best they can. In fact, apps are always staying one step ahead of parents, until now! Lovemytool readers will get a 50% discount when they buy!

IOS recovered datainG8 makes data easy to read and follow!

Take away a teen’s ability to connect to WiFi at school and limit their data and they get an app like Jott Messenger that works through Bluetooth to send messages and pictures. Remove Snapchat from their phone and they use Periscope for live video streaming. What’s next? File hiding apps. They’re everywhere now. Some are conspicuous with names like Photo Vault and Private Camera and some are inconspicuous with names like Calculator+ and Calculator%. Whatever they’re called, they’re designed to hide illicit images behind a PIN code from parents that have the right to know how their children are using their technology!


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Bad CD, Bad DVD! (by Casey Mullis)

You ever have those days when everything just seems to be going bad? Wish you ever could recover and start over? Why do we have days like this and what do we do to salvage them? What about when our CD or DVD goes bad and all our family photos were on there? Are they gone forever? How can I tell if data is written to a CD or DVD? Do not fret, as we are going to tell you how to check a CD or DVD to see if data is written to it and how to recover them if they go bad for unknown reason(s). For everything else, who knows?


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Troubleshooting Is A Lost Art (by Casey Mullis)

When we run in to trouble in life, we have a couple options. We can change direction so we do not have to deal with trouble. We can deal with trouble head on and beat it or it beat us. We can find an option that solves the trouble at hand, in a manner that we do not have to fight.


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