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Capture packets with a standard Windows tool (by Paul Offord)

Wireshark is a great way to capture network packets, but it's not always practical to use it.  In an enterprise environment, at the very least, we need to get a change approved to install the software.  Often it is just not possible to get approval to install Wireshark onto a desktop or server.  So packet capture isn't possible - or is it?

Windows includes a rarely-used command line tool that has many of the capabilities of Wireshark dumpcap.  It's there ready and waiting, on every Windows machine!  Let's take a look at how we can use it.


Windows 2000 introduced a command line utility called netsh (network shell).  As the name suggests, netsh is a shell environment that provides commands that address network issues.  One of the commands it provides is netsh trace, a simple command line packet capture tool.

 In the following video ..

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LMTV LIVE | From Cisco Live (with Chris Bihary of Garland Tech)

Garland170x200In this week's LMTV, our guest host, +Chris Bihary of +Garland Technology. who is the CEO and Co-Founder and attending this year's CiscoLive! event in fabulous and sunny Las Vegas, will discuss with +Tim O'Neill Garland Technology’s new 1G 1U/2U Packet Broker System.

This 4-slot or 12-slot chassis system allows the greatest versatility in a 1G system on the market, performing filtering and data aggregation for in-band monitoring tools or out-of-band security tools.

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Teens Are Finding New Ways to Hide Photos and Texts from Parents (by Rob Schroader)

Teens are very creative in hiding what they are doing on with their digital devices - iPhone or Android!

Mobile phones and tablets has become the primary way teenagers connect to the internet and communicate with each other. And it goes way beyond text messaging. Kids are even moving away from Facebook since they see it as their parents’ social media tool. Now it’s about apps, apps, apps. Snapchat is still quite popular but almost every parent knows about it and tries to monitor it the best they can. In fact, apps are always staying one step ahead of parents, until now! Lovemytool readers will get a 50% discount when they buy!

IOS recovered datainG8 makes data easy to read and follow!

Take away a teen’s ability to connect to WiFi at school and limit their data and they get an app like Jott Messenger that works through Bluetooth to send messages and pictures. Remove Snapchat from their phone and they use Periscope for live video streaming. What’s next? File hiding apps. They’re everywhere now. Some are conspicuous with names like Photo Vault and Private Camera and some are inconspicuous with names like Calculator+ and Calculator%. Whatever they’re called, they’re designed to hide illicit images behind a PIN code from parents that have the right to know how their children are using their technology!


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Bad CD, Bad DVD! (by Casey Mullis)

You ever have those days when everything just seems to be going bad? Wish you ever could recover and start over? Why do we have days like this and what do we do to salvage them? What about when our CD or DVD goes bad and all our family photos were on there? Are they gone forever? How can I tell if data is written to a CD or DVD? Do not fret, as we are going to tell you how to check a CD or DVD to see if data is written to it and how to recover them if they go bad for unknown reason(s). For everything else, who knows?


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Troubleshooting Is A Lost Art (by Casey Mullis)

When we run in to trouble in life, we have a couple options. We can change direction so we do not have to deal with trouble. We can deal with trouble head on and beat it or it beat us. We can find an option that solves the trouble at hand, in a manner that we do not have to fight.


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