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Bad CD, Bad DVD! (by Casey Mullis)

You ever have those days when everything just seems to be going bad? Wish you ever could recover and start over? Why do we have days like this and what do we do to salvage them? What about when our CD or DVD goes bad and all our family photos were on there? Are they gone forever? How can I tell if data is written to a CD or DVD? Do not fret, as we are going to tell you how to check a CD or DVD to see if data is written to it and how to recover them if they go bad for unknown reason(s). For everything else, who knows?


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EMP or Solar Flare? What Happens to Your Electronics? (by Casey Mullis)

With all the things going on in the world today, how many plan for all things? How many think about the things to come and wonder, what can I do to protect myself? What about your electronics? You never heard of a solar flare? It has happened before and knocked out all the telegraph lines. Then what? What about a nuclear attack? Chance of that is slim as no one wants to turn the world in to a waist land. What about EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse)? Many claims Russia has a large one to use as I am sure many other countries do as well.


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Not all things are equal, you get what you pay for! (by Casey Mullis)

We can find many things for free in this world and a lot of them are good for what we need. We will never have an issue with free stuff. Have you ever went in to the grocery store and went to an area to find a person handing out free samples of food? Yeah, me too! Love the free food, but the goal was to tempt you to buy. The free food did not fill your fridge or cabinet's! It only did a small piece of what you needed. In most cases you get what you pay for!



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The Snowden Effect! (by Casey Mullis)

We love to have a reason or justification for what we do or say. In many cases if we told the truth, it boils down to who we are, not who or what others are. We like to blame a flag because humans have hate in their own heart. We like to blame guns for killing. We like to blame McDonalds because we are overweight. Now the federal government wants to blame Snowden because they can’t do their job. What does this all say?... “It is not my fault, don’t blame me, blame him, and them or that group!”


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Troubleshooting Is A Lost Art (by Casey Mullis)

When we run in to trouble in life, we have a couple options. We can change direction so we do not have to deal with trouble. We can deal with trouble head on and beat it or it beat us. We can find an option that solves the trouble at hand, in a manner that we do not have to fight.


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