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Troubleshooting Slow Broadband (by Paul Offord)

"Are you downloading something?", my wife asked when her YouTube video kept stalling. "Not me", I assured her.

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But then I noticed a port light on my broadband router going nuts, and that port was connected to my Windows computer. What the heck is going on?

In this video ...

... we cover a quick way to find a Windows program that's causing unexpected network load.



To find the executable associated with the same TCP port on an RHEL machine we can use netstat -np | grep 52794

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Picture of Paul OffordAuthor Profile - Paul Offord is the CTO at performance and stability specialists, Advance7.  He has had a 39-year career in the IT industry that includes roles in hardware engineering, software engineering and network management. Prior to founding Advance7, he worked for IBM, National Semiconductor and Hitachi Data Systems.

Paul is currently leading the TribeLab project to explore new ways to help IT support people troubleshoot performance and stability problems.