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Set A Goal to Set Goals!

Set A Goal to Set Goals

If you hang around Challenger Brand marketers long enough, you will begin to hear the steady repetition of commonly used phrases, adages and mantras that are designed to remind Challenger Brands to look at their business differently.

Readers of this blog are no strangers to tenets like, “If you try to be too many things to too many people, you end up being nothing to anybody,” or “There are no such things as B2Bs, only H2H (humans-to-human),” and “Speak in terms of benefits, not features.”
Set a goal to set goals

One of our favorite Challenger Brand statements is, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.”

This is an everyday Challenger Brand belief that places a high priority on focused, specific, trackable measurements of success. And, nowhere in your marketing program is this more critical than in the evaluation of your website performance. So, allow us to ask the question, “how’s your website doing?”

Basic Google Analytics will tell you some important things like how many people are coming to your site, what pages they visit and how long they stay. Those numbers can be useful, but do not address effectiveness. Effectiveness is directly tied to your business objectives – units sold, revenue generated, profitability, customer satisfaction, etc. How is your website helping you achieve your business objectives? Unless you’ve set up specific, trackable goals on the site, you can’t answer that question.

Measuring the effectiveness of your website comes down to two simple steps:

  1. Establish your goals
  2. Set each goal up in Google Analytics

The first step is the most important, establishing the relevant goals that will lead to achieving your business objectives. Goals can be defined as specific calls to action you wish visitors to take upon visiting your site. For example:

  • Contact Us – Fill out a simple form that will allow us to capture your contact information, add to our prospect database and allow us to market to you in the future.
  • Schedule an Appointment – Make arrangements to speak with a representative leading to a live, human-to-human contact.
  • Take a Tour – Either the scheduling of an actual tour of our facility or the downloading of a video for a virtual tour, giving the prospect a better idea of our offerings.
  • Download a Document – Learn more about us through a formal Whitepaper, Infographic, or Case Study.
  • Watch Our Video – Click here to view our story in a concise, professional, easy-to-digest format.
  • Attend a Webinar – Plan on joining us for our live industry-specific, educational webinar or view it later at your convenience.

Each action or click is tracked, monitored and monetized. A prospect’s “lifetime value” is assigned to each conversion allowing us to monetize our marketing efforts. Now that you can measure it, you can manage it.

If you’d like some help tying your website goals to your business objectives and meaningfully tracking visitor behavior, contact us here.

Until next time…John Gumas

John GumasAuthor - This article was written by John and Team - John Gumas is the Founder and President of Gumas Advertising, a San Francisco based full service branding, advertising and interactive marketing agency that specializes in Challenger Brand Marketing. John is considered one of the country’s foremost authorities on Challenger Brand Marketing and is the author of the popular book on the subject entitled “Marketing Smart.” Check out John’s book at


*Editor's Note - The Oldcommguy TM - John is an awesome friend and a very seasoned professional marketing expert. I have had the pleasure of working with John and Team and if you need Challenger Branding and/or Marketing assistance the Gumas Team is the Very Best Team and I highly recommend them!

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