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LMTV LIVE | WiFi Analytics (with John Kerber, CEO of Who's On My WiFi)

YouTube Live Event Start Time : Wednesday, July 26, 2017 - 9:30 AM PST

Screen Shot 2017-07-24 at 10.38.10 AMOn this week's LMTV LIVE, John Kerber, the Technical Co-Founder of Who's On My WiFi will be on the show to discuss WiFi Analytics, privacy in the age of Analytics, and where things are headed with this technology.

Who's On My WiFi is a young, growing company, originally starting primarily in the network security space, but since the last time on the show, has made the transition to a WiFi Analytics company.

What is WiFi Analytics?

WiFi Analytics is a growing field that helps organizations make business decisions about physical locations based on the information already available on a computer network.

As an analogy, Web Analytics companies changed the view of parsing Web Server logs from being an IT Function specifically focused on either security or on website uptime, into more of a marketing or business development function focused on user behavior and increasing engagement that also aids in security or uptime.

You may have heard of Bluetooth Beacons.

Bluetooth Beacons are probably the most well known technology when it comes to Location Based Analytics or Location Based Marketing.

Many companies are experimenting with implementing Bluetooth Beacons in their apps and locations to give additional insight into visitor behavior.

WiFi Analytics is a complimentary / competing technology to Bluetooth Beacons.

WiFi Analytics is convenient because it uses existing WiFi infrastructure as opposed to new hardware, but each technology has it's pros and cons and different use cases.

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